Friday, August 31, 2007

More Tempest, Tounges and Tabernacles...

"Oh How I love Jesus," is still a Sunday morning favorite at the New Light Baptist Church where I've been a member for over 30 years. Are you surprised - don't be. Because I don't wear my religion on my sleeve or try to rub my sleeve on anyone else. As far as I'm concern everyone individually has to deal with the universal creator as they see fit and from their particular vantage point. However, I'm often amazed at the those raging moralist or holy than thou purist whom share their "feet of clay" with us in the most unique manner. Enter the St. James AME Church of St. Paul MN.( What's up with Minneapolis/ St. Paul anyways?) where they take there religion to the streets, literally. In the above video, the newly appointed pastor has been accused by church trustees especially the church lady in the video of "running things." Meanwhile, he counters that he's been appointed by the Elder who has given him the authority to do so. Then...well you have to just click on the video and take a gander at church chat in action.

Meetin in the Men's Room: Senator Larry Craig,(R) Idaho, the staunch "family values" conservative and vowed opponent of any same sex legislation has pronounced that he's not gay despite his questionable behavoir in a Minneapolis Airport bathroom. But the political fallout has reached a crescendo with most calling for his quick resignation even as we post this item. The singing U.S. Senator (pictured right) as reported by the publication Roll Call and a filed police report, "peeked through the crack of the stall, tapped his foot as a known signal, consequently touching the undercover officer's foot, then reached under the stall to get further attention." Say What? I was mesmerized by his press conference as he trotted out his wife, while trying to explain his guilty plea flip-flop to the masses and later in a police interview tape which Craig goes "toe to toe" with Sgt.Karsnia about his actions. Did he think that George Micheal or Jim Mcgreevey was in the next stall or is this all a misunderstanding of toilet politics. My advice: take the next exit to Boise because innocent people don't plead guilty they get a lawyer. Mr. Craig it's all about character, integrity and truth that voters are really value most but seems to be lacking everywhere.

The Devil flips Weeks: There was so much fallout in the name of God this week that this entire post has plenty of ammo on all levels. Apparently the Bynum-Weeks beat down has tongues wagging all over the net and the info just keeps coming. It's being reported by news sources that Bishop Thomas Weeks, who alledgedly attack his televangelist wife, Juanita Bynum came before his Global Destiny congregation to "man up" about the situation by stating that " the devil made me do it." I'm sure that a you could hear a pin drop in the sanctuary once the full affect of this old Flip Wilson ala Gearldine catch phrase resonated throughout the building. What I wouldn't have given to see the faces of brother and sister so-in-so, as they gazed upon this man of the cloth presuming to be their religious rock. Yes, the bible does state that "we have all come short of the glory...and all that jazz about casting stones, plus the devil is mighty busy these days, but is he serious. As far Bynum who is in seclusion and healing from the rant, she has filed charges and is seeking to keep the matter private. Yeah Right...

Bibles and Break-ups: We've all heard about the divorce rate in this country and been astounded at the number of nuptials that go awry. However, it's baffling to me when the clergy can't seem to maintain the all important vows that they want exclusively for themsleves or something like that. Enter mega watt pastor Paula White and co-pastor hubby Randy who have finally admitted that they are ending their marriage. The admission came before their Without Walls Church members in Tampa, Florida as Pastor White said, "he took full responsibility" for the the melt down citing their "obtuse" schedules, other family drama, and being seen innocently in public with other women.

Passing the collection plate: A post such as this just couldn't pass up the opportunity to highlight that Ted Haggard ( remember him?) is in search of living expense donations from anyone willing. Haggard and family are moving to The Phoenix Dream Center, October 1 to provide contracted counseling services. Also, in the move he and his wife will be seeking to complete their education, thusly they will need financial support for at least two years until they can gain significant "earning power." I guess the severance pay out, $138,000, anniversary bonus, $85,000 and his $115,000 salary before the fall has gone as far as it can go. He's still seeking a buyer of his El Paso home worth, $715,000.

Gospel in the Rock: Oh don't think that our fair city, Little Rock is exempt from scandalous faith matters either. Case in point of the missing air conditioner units of First Baptist Highland park is just the tip of the ongoing infighting of the congregation at odds with pastor W.W.Walker. The divided congregation has cited various issues that have placed the church in a tizzy grounded in a power struggle over finances and church governance. Across town the St. John Baptist church has welcomed back favorite son Rev. D. Edwards after a messy pulpit show down involving the now departed minister Rev. L. Hawkins, who allegedly was a ladies man about the sanctuary although married. Even with that revelation and his divorce, some folks still left with Hawkins to form yet another church now holding services at The Village, a local events venue which has been under scrunity from the LRPD for lack of security during rowdy weekend concerts in leiu of it's recent alcohol beverage permit. What can I say but...let the church say Amen.

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Nick said...

I’m pretty disappointed in your coverage of Larry Craig’s arrest. Where most GLBT bloggers covering the subject at least addressed police entrapment in some small way, you completely ignored that vital aspect of the story. This is a problem that queer activists have been dealing with for the past 50 years at least, and it’s also one that personally affects many gay people in Arkansas. Stories of police arrests in Cadron Creek Park are pretty common amongst the Conway/LR community. It’d be great to see a critical analysis of the queerphobic forces at work here, and the way they affect us all from Republican senators to Arkansas cruisers.

Also, your statement that “innocent people don’t plead guilty they get a lawyer” is just offensive. First of all, not everyone can afford a lawyer [I realize Craig does not fall into that category, but it needed to be pointed out anyway]. With a ‘justice’ system as rooted in racism and classism and queerphobia as ours I would hope that you would be more willing to challenge the notion that innocent people are never falsely convicted. From the audio tape of Craig’s interview with the police it’s pretty obvious that he was only pleading guilty because it was going to be a case of his word vs. the arresting officer, and he was going to lose.