Friday, October 19, 2007

Friday: Review Special

CorneliusOnpoint Special REVIEW

Kinsey Sicks take no prisoners at Hendrix

It was a mayhem, madness and political incorrectness at it's zenith, last evening as the Kinsey Sicks, an acapella drag troupe, brought the house down at the Staples Auditorium on the Hendrix Campus in Conway. Based in San Francisco the group is comprised of Ben Schutz (Rachel), Irwin Keller (Winnie), Chris Dilley(Trampolina),and Jeff Manabat (Trixie) respectively. This was there debut in Arkansas and cited that they didn't know what to expect, but was overwhelemed at the outpouring of assistance and hospitality. The show entitled , Condoleezapalooza, was ripe with political humor, satire and commentary encased in harmonious song and choreography. Getting off to a rousing start with a musical introduction of themselves, they quickly proceeded to other hilarious spoofings ranging from antics on the road to harpooning political candidates unilaterally. One favorite of the evening was as send up of Trixe's new lesbian love who was running for President of the United States. The cast and audience went into onverdirve as he revealed that his special person was actually named Mike Huckabee. Most that were in attendance probably had never heard of the group, but was pleasantly surprised or taken aback at the extremely frank, often acerbic, and soundly candid takes on life pursuits. This show isn't about lip synching, the voices are controlled and powerful in each selection. All the characters have their moment in the spotlight. Memorable moments include the "VD" song sung by Rachel, Winne's pubic hair Caberet salute and Trampolina's, "Life Size Jesus," that sent some in the audience into hysterics, including myself. I drove home singing, " I'd like a life size Jesus, a loaf of Wonder bread and assorted Kraft cheeses." It was a you had to be there moment. Another highlight of the night was their signature war song, " WE ARM The Children." A mash up of the Michael Jackon hit, was a anthem that many are probably humming today. I must applaud the campus organization, Unity for their bold courage and moxy, the Student Senate for there support and the student body for proving that this type of entertainment can command an almost capacity attendance. The entire evening was filled with brash comdey take offs and punctuated by poignant moments that made for a super alternative evening out on the town. If you missed it, you shouldn't have.
You can get a whiff of the craziness courtesy of their website: or check out our archives for The Anniversary issue where you can see a video clip.

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John Tyndall said...

I wish I could have been there.. Sounds like a great time was had by ALL..