Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Mirror, Mirror...

Mirror, Mirror on the wall who's the fairest of the all...Well O.K. not the fairest but how about staying on point. Then, that's me of course! It's time for another addition of our unique brand of blogging for knowledge. You know, those stories that you will discuss among yourselves or snicker about in front of your PC screens. I know you're there...so here it is...our latest!

Capital City Rainbow Community: Fact or Fiction

Poll Results: I wanted to add more features to this forum that I'd hoped would stimulate more traffic, interactiveness and attractiveness for our readership. The daily output in producing this labor of love can be taxing and often overwhelming, but I believe that it's my contribution in human rights advocacy. I know that polls are plentiful and often not answered for a variety of reasons. However, our recent poll about "defining community" caught my attention and deserves some expansion. After the poll concluded, the few that responded cited that they felt there was "no local reconizable GLBT community." Say What? Apparently, there is a sense that there is no "actual community" to speak of, therefore when we refer to "community" exactly who are we referring too? I see it all the time. In an e-mail from Miss DSRA, Diamond Rose, who "invited the community" to the next benefit. In an announcement posted from NWA alerting the "community" to political actions. Local organizations looking for volunteers or raising money from the "community." Many years ago, I wrote about fractures and fragmentations within the GLBT construct that would be ongoing obstacles to cohesiveness. Maybe I was on to something all those years ago. This poll is not scientific, but raises many questions that I would like explored by anyone who has an opinion. For instance, "why do we have no sense of community?" "who comprises this community," "Is the alleged community a "diversity" causality?" "If there's no sense of community, then what's PRIDE all about and who is it for?" " What will it take to form a sense of community and will it matter?

There ya go...I've put it out there for the taking, so let the dialouge begin. I'll be waiting.
Model Search: We are are in search for model candidates for our impending marketing blitz coming later this year. We are tinkering with the idea of creating a printed tabloid platform that would be found locally. If you're the one or at least think you are, then send us a picture, link or video E-mail to tell us what would make you the best person to grace our cover and represent CorneliusOnpoint.

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