Monday, October 22, 2007

Let The fall Games begin 2007

Yes, we are in full swing for Fall 2007. There are so many events, festivals and happenings that I seem to be in overdrive some days. Yet, I still hear folks saying that there's nothing to do in Little Rock or how boring things are. I've found this is simply not the case. As usual, if you don't know what's going on, then you need to stay locked in to this site, because we've got the goods to share. You never know where we will show up or what we will be looking into next. With all that said, let's dive in....

There He is...: Mikalia Kay, Miss Gay America 2008. The former Miss Western States 1st Alternate, captured the title 10.21.07 in Memphis TN from a field of over 50 national contestants. The top tier candidates were, Layla La Rue, 1st Alternate, Victoria Depaul, Coti Collins, and Chantel ReShae. Arkansas' titleholder, Alexis LaRue, was a group preliminary winner in interview. Congrats to all who participated, especially the Arkansas Delegation that gave their best.

MasqueRed Benefit's AIDS: The Arkansas AIDS Foudation will benefit from a evening of talent donated from area perfromers at the DSRA clubhouse, 10.25.07 The show will start at according to Cherity who is assisting in organizing the event with the "tip" proceeds going to the support
operational needs of the organization. The club house is at 4525 Hoffman Road.

PFLAG Launches Awareness Campaign

If you wish your coworkers would pull a Katharine Heigl and speak out proudly for LGBT rights, help is on the way. This month Parents and Friends of Lesbians and Gays are helping straight allies out of the closet with a massive multimillion dollar awareness campaign called "Straight for Equality."
Inspired by an influx of inquiries from straights with the desire to support the gay community but no idea how to go about it, PFLAG created Straight for Equality to provide them with direction.
“I’ve heard so many straight people say they aren’t sure how to find a role in a movement that isn’t their own,” says Jean-Marie Navetta, national director of communications at PFLAG. “Straight for Equality will give them the tools they need to get more involved in supporting the LGBT community, not necessarily through marching in parades but through simple decisions they make in everyday life.”
Although official workplace training isn’t due to begin until January, the initial phase of the campaign, Straight for Equality…in the Workplace, has initiated pilot proceedings with PepsiCo, MetLife, IBM, and Food Lion, among other notable corporations. Initially, PFLAG reps work with top-level management to develop an approach for their company, then implement this approach through a series of two-hour Lunch & Learn workshops, training sessions, presentations, and discussions as part of the human resources agenda.

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