Monday, October 29, 2007

Speaking Volumes

I've always had open space for commentary, comments or observations from individuals with a prospective on current events or isssues. I pride my self in offering this forum a means to create dialouge, discussion or dissent that should allow us to "keep it real." On Friday, we posted about the MasqueRed fundrasing event held 10.25.07 at the DSRA clubhouse. The following opinion peice was sent to me via our Myspace platform concerning that event. It's being reprinted here, unedited or unaltered. As usual we welcome your responses and voices to the conversation.

by Little Daddy Steve

Not surprising for this community, but what a shame. Brian, aka Cherity sponsered the Masqarade Red Party , a fundraiser for the Arkansas AIDS Foundation last night at the DSRA Clubhouse. Many of Little Rock's well known performers were contacted and asked too perform, and many agreed. Only one rsvp'd with a response of illness and would be unable too perform. Several others didn't have the balls to say they wouldn't come, they just didn't show up. ( Ask me for a list of those ). And to make matters even worse, where was the Board of Directors for the AAF? Where was the community? Do we take this response as a sign that AIDS is over and that are worries and concerns are over? And why should the community support an organization that won't even show for it's own fundraiser?

Hats off to :
Diamond Rose , Miss DSRA, Mr. Rick Loftis, Mr. DSRA and Mary Kay Arden, 1st Alternate, "Queen of Comdey" Marvella, Diedra Windsor Walker, Miss Capitol City, J. Anderson , Cassaundra Manchester, Miss Gay NLR 2002. These performers continued with the show, showing a true heart for the cause. Cherity aka Brian has been a leader in the AIDS fight for years. He has given generously of his time and talents to our community. He deserves a standing ovation for his continued efforts.

Call the AAF and find out when there next board meeting is and attend, voice you concerns. Call or email the performers who failed too show and voice your opinion. But better yet, make a mental note and when people and organizations ask for your support, ask them whey? Where were they when you needed them.
Diversity Weekend: Yes, it's that time again! Eureka Springs Diversity Fall Weekend and it looks like we will be on the scene offering a play by play review of the scheduled events. For more info, because there is so much of it, go to their website: If you see me out and about, give me a holla!
Video/ Writing Prjoect: The Hear Me Project has a contest for individuals 18-22 for original content in either video or written form concerning the impact of HIV/AIDS in their lives. The deadline is December 1, 2007 and a $1000.00 prize is at stake. Entry forms and regulations are available at or you can ask about it by e-mail:
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