Friday, October 26, 2007

Which Way is Up and More....

Gosh Dern, these days are just flying by like bats out of hell! Here it is, another October winding down or should I say winding up for the maddening holiday season fall out. All around town, it seems that businesses are multi-tasking the seasons with Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas decor ready and waiting for your next consumer maneuver into debt. Despite it all, we perservere right here with our keen eye on news, commentary, updates, links and just plain old stuff. Now, let the chips fall where they may!
DSRA goes MasqueRed for AIDS Agency

The Diamond State Rodeo clubhouse hosted MasqueRed, a benefit for the Arkansas AIDS Foundation, 10.25.07. Cherity(below), organized the event featuring Diamond Rose ( pictured left), Miss DSRA, Mr. Rick Loftis, Mr. DSRA and Mary Kay Arden, 1st Alternate(below left) , "Queen of Comdey" Marvella, Diedra Windsor Walker, Miss Capitol City, J. Anderson and yours truly, Cassaundra Manchester, Miss Gay NLR 2002. The fundraiser had been planned for the now defunct, The Factory, but had to be moved, with the DSRA submitting to allow the clubhouse to be used even though this wasn't an official DSRA function, according to Cherity. After Cherity aka Brian spoke to me about the event and asked would I participate, I had some reservations about it being that it was to be on a Thursday night. Neverthless, I thought that this was a deserving cause and I wanted to "walk the walk" with all the talk I spill each week about committment and involvement in local efforts. From the moment I arrived, everyone was cordial, inviting and supportive. I wan't to stress that DSRA is making great strides to outreach and surging forward to be a more intergral part of the community mix. Yet, it seems that its appeal hasn't yet transcended "sterotypes" that have some folks not feeling this organization. While inviting individuals to the event, I was seriously stumped when some people told me that they didn't know where the clubhouse was or what DSRA represented. I've known for some time that the organization has had it fair share of detractors, as well as, those who have questioned it's business structure. But convoluted as these matters may be, in my opinion finding workable solutions are always progressive. And boy do we need a many workable solutions in this city. I can't stress enough that old adage: "Don't judge a book by it cover." Looking inside and turning it's pages can open a whole new world of possiabilites. The eveing proceeded orderly with each performer donating their time and collected tips to the cause. The amount collected was available at post time, hopefully that info will be posted here or on their site. I give Diamond Rose, a way up "high five" for stating that it was sad that more people didn't attend. The lack of attendance by much of the AAF Board, interested clients or other erstwhile patrons was most glaring and further reiterates a lukewarm impressions about the agency. I realize that getting out on a Thursday night could be a struggle for some and out of the question for others. However, I'm glad that I did. I had a great time working with these dedicated performace artist who got the call and busted a move to answer. I appreciated being asked and believe it or not, I've been invited back for the Royalty Christmas Show, December 1. Stay tunned for announcements and updates. For more DSRA info go to their website in the links section of this forum.