Thursday, October 11, 2007

Wait, Wait there's More...part 2

Golly, Indian Summer is ebbing and flowing into fall with promises of cooling temperatures ahead. Of course, I've always loved fall weather because I can whip out those nifty outfits that allow me to transform into a fashionista on the cat walk. Excuse me but I digressed a bit. The order of business for this post is diving back into the daily fray of what's really going on....Let's get busy!!!

AIDS Agency Freefall: In previous post I've chatted about the local ASO (AIDS Service Organization) cryptically known as the Arkansas AIDS Foundation but offically entitled, Consortia Care District 1. Now, first of all this inter mixing of names is one issue that has irked me for some time, but obviously corporate branding isn't the only problem that seemingly has allowed this agency to become a shell of itself. The embattled organization is still without an Executive Director after a year and apparently there's an lazier faire attitude or effort to search for one. One applicant who was applying for another advertised position told me that there resume received no action or acknowledgement from anyone at the agency. Futhrmore, I couldn't help but chuckle when their own website under the career tab states that there are "no job openings at this time-check back later." All righty now. Then, there's the leadership meltdown that went full tilt with ex-board President Dean Blevins. His alleged imperial micro-management style wasn't conducive to some board members. It's reported that Mr. Blevins wanted to dismantle the entire board structure and start over. Consequently, the entire board went spiraling down in true Hindenburg fashion. Furthermore, his antics and attempts at organizational management sent interim director Chiquita Munir in search of a career change, adding further dysfunctional elements into the mix. From a high of 23 members, the current board now consist of 9, sort of meandering under the struggling leadership of Nakia Williams, former public relations chair. At this point please insert headline( Wait, there's more...) It's been leaked that a recent audit from the state Health Department soundly criticized various internal systems and mechanics with mandates for improvements. I haven't seen the actual document but sounds like a FOIR (freedom of information request) may be in order to determine the extremes. Meanwhile, Southern Reach, a national AIDS initiative and funding source has targeted southern states in crisis with grant awards averaging $45,000. However if funded, it appears that the ASO "community" is lacking infrastructure or direction to facilitate anything significant. What really gets me is, if this is what this agency has become, won't it's effectiveness be stymied? How much of this tomfoolery will DHS accept? Pardon me, but HIV/AIDS stats in the South are on the upswing, especially in the African American community and among women. Hello, can you hear me now? I guess not, since the agencies E-mail box sends out a message that it's too full. For the record my e-mail box or comment icon is waiting with baited breath for any and all replies.

From our SPEAKING VOUMES file: In the spirit of National Coming Out Day which is dedicated to those who are finding there way from the closet, I wanted to come on out with this great PSA to support my post above. Click and listen up, then take action.

Did you know that in 31 states, it's perfectly legal to fire someone for being gay? Or that in 39 states it's legal to fire someone for being transgender? I think that's wrong. If you do too, take action at: This issue needs your attention and support. Take a few moments to check this website or a host of many others with important info such as or What you waitin for?

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