Friday, October 05, 2007

Can you hear me now...??

October is off and running as we count down the final day of 2007 and prepare ourselves for 2008. Through it all, I've chronicled in this forum many of my intimate triumphs, as well as, covered a lot of ground on so many issues ranging from the sublime to touchstone dilemmas. There's nothing off the table as we search out what's really going on in our 360 global world. Therefore, I implore you to stay with us as we stay the course in bringing you the breaking news, updates and what's really going on from the four corners of Arkansas and beyond. So Get Ready, Get Set, Dive in....

BOO Bash moves: Previously we had posted about the upcoming multi-tasking fundraiser BOO Bash, to be held at Sidetracks later this month. Word comes to us that this event has been postponed and moved to a unannounced date in November, according to JD, event coordinator. "I felt that the event had not received the fullest attention it deserved to achieve the max affect." He said. "I met with supporters and we decided that in order to make this really work, we need more time to advertise, gather donations and more planning." As soon as thing firm up, I will bring you the latest.

Lavender Hill Politics: Playing politics with the big boys is rough and tumble at it's best. In the last few weeks a variety of GLBT measures have been put through the Capitol Hill ringer with some folks calling foul, others playing hardball and those who want a time out. Enter, ENDA, the Employment Non-Discrimination Act that has been adjusted to make the bill more plausible for certain lawmakers. Meanwhile, the issue of Transgender protections were left on the cutting room floor with the philosophical attitude that this would give the entire matter a better chance of being passed. In a E-Alert sent out by Stonewall Democrats' board member, Steve Van Hook, he said " we only have a two week delay in the committee considering the revised ENDA.. and less than two weeks to build nationwide support." To assist in this networking the organization has created, as means to rallying citizen responses and petitioning. Supposedly they have placed "paid ads" on GLBT blogs and websites, however, it seems that we didn't make the cut. Somehow, they must not know that we are Arkansas' online "go-to" destination. They better ask somebody...

The 08 Presidential Cash Dash continues...

It's still raining money in the third quarter of fundraising for the 08 political throwdown, with camp Clinton topping out at a whopping 27 million dollars and counting. Not to be outdone or our financed is that other big "O," Barack Obama with a "I'm not mad at ya," 17 million smackerooes

to the credit of his grassroot network. After all the heavy lifting, John Edwards does a double-take and decides to take public campaign financing but still rakes in a serious 7 million along with Bill Richardson's 5.2 million. On the other side of the isle, GOP front runners Giuliani reports 11 million, Multi-millionare Romney reports 10 million, give a take few millions of his own fortune, and John McCain's people state that he's raised a respectable 6 million. Unfortunately, Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee, despite his straw poll bump, is the candidate with his "hat in his hand," with a megar war chest of only 1.5 million to date. However, Huckabee is not retreating, but rather stepping up his stance that he's the "alternative" choice for the GOP base. Now, with all this moolah flying around I'm still trying to figure out exactly what these candidates stand for and so should you. There will be plenty more opportunities to form your overall opinion through upcoming debates and forums. Moreover, this high stakes pursuit that's awashed in cash, highlights why campaign reform and public financing is pararmount. For those who can't make the legal limit donations or have sent a basic donation to the candidateof your choice, you can find out where all the money is coming from with some nifty websites and tools that are "free." Check them out: or go to to do your own personal search.

Have You Heard the latest?

Fresh from production is our new latest Corneliusonpoint podcast! It's our mash up of announcements, links, commentary, special features and of course music! Recorded in our downtown Mablevale studios, this podcast continues our quest to embrace all tech platforms that will enhance your online experience, thusly adding a "live" element to this forum. Unfortuantely, some areas of Arkansas are broadband challenged, therefore may not be able to access all our staging areas or components that support them. It' a fact that many state GLBTQ citizens are in small towns and farming communites where often dial-up internet could be there only source of interaction with like-minded individuals. The power of the internet was evident with the recent anti-gay legislation ( SB 959) which was thwarted through direct e-mail campaigns, messaging, bloggers, posted video and alerts that circulated to advocates and supporters statewide. Also other's are producing blogs, info sites, social networking and niche centered web pages all over the state. This activity causes us to wholeheartedly support the recent creation of Connect Arkansas and the Arkansas Broadband Initiative which is charged with charting the horizon for outlying areas to access these rapdily expanding innovations. I have high hopes that this unfunded legislative mandate will acquire unilateral cooperation from both private and public funding sources. I find it vitally important to continue to build a bridge to the 21st future that will facilitate equal access for everyone.

Here it is our latest Podcast!! Click the forward button on the Evoca icon, adjust your volume, tune in and enjoy the show. Got ideas, sponsorships, show ideas or want to be a special guest...give us a shout out today for more info.

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