Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Countdown to the 08 Presidential Throwdown

OH RON: I've heard of bombshell blonds, smoking bombshell accounts, that ill thought tank Pentagon "Gay Bomb" and now it's Ron Paul's "Money Bomb" which was lobbed into the cash dash mix on Tuesday. According to sources and it does who matter who you ask, the affirmed Paul Revolutionist raised 4.2. Million Dollars from at least 38,000 online donors. Paul who has lagged in the polls apparently is resonating with folks who've got some extra cash to demonstrate their support. Dr. Paul has interesting website that tout his views raging from foreign aid to privacy/personal liberties. I've read some of his material and find it extremely thought provoking to say the least. Unfortunately mainstream media and pundits have somewhat and I believe uncessarily dismissed Mr. Paul's chances of being the Republican nomineee or a viable candidate in o8. Well, there's lots of dissent out there in them hills and ovbiously lots' loot too. I wouldn't be so quick to kick anybody to the curve. I was one of those who thought Al Gore had won the election only to later be surprised that he sorta didn't per the Supreme Court.

Hush, Oh Hush, is someone calling may name?: Former Governor Mike Huckabee wants to know is anyone calling his name. Well, not too many in a recent poll of Arkansas' Legislature who are not that keen on the Hucks pursuit of the presidency. Also, Mr. Huckabee is still touting that he's the "Alternative" candidate to the rest of field. His website: has a tracking poll blurps about his surge into 3rd place in Iowa putting him in play with other top tier candidates Romney and McCain. Apparently even talking head Bill O Reilly has made nice to the Huckster with glowing comments calling him a "Patriot." And so it goes the wide world of the United States of politics.

The Hillary Pile UP: Poor Hillary, she said last weeks debate showing wasn't just her best. Now, she caught up in the New York Drivers License mess with politico Elliot Spitzer. Mrs. Clinton has turned every which way but loose while trying to state her position on the controversial issue and Former President Bill Clinton has waded in the pool to help clear up the matter which hasn't exactly been clarified. I think I heard Hill say today that she felt that Governors shouldn't be made a party to immigration policy but, respected the decisons of 8 states who have decided to offer the licenses and if New York makes this choice she will have to address it when she becomes president. Got that...well, what did she say? We'll try it again later.

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Do you need some fun Bush items for keepsakes ?Then, this nifty little website has as much as you can stand until the national nightmare ends in 2009. Check it out and as usual buyer beware.

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