Friday, November 23, 2007

Spining the Big Wheel..Again

Ladies and Gentlemen as you try to digest that overcooked turkey... Start your shopping engines and prepare to dive into frenzy of Holiday Season 2007! Unfortunately, Black Friday consummer fever does'nt infect me as deeply as those who use that odd explanation that "it's a family tradition." Alrighty then. Meanwhile, I'm working off some that mid-day meal with another spining of the big wheel at the keyboard, as I continue to stay on point of the latest breaking news, updates, commentary, links and just plain old stuff. Let's Roll!....

Election Watch: Sen. Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign released a new list of prominent gay supporters last week, with only State Legislature Kathy Webb the only arky listed from the state GLBTQ community.
The national LGBT Americans for Hillary steering committee list released last Wednesday(11.14/07) ,Clinton’s campaign identified 21 gay professionals and activists who recently endorsed her White House run.
Names on the list include H. Alexander Robinson, executive director of the National Black Justice Coalition; Dana Beyer, who is transgender and a member of the Human Rights Campaign board of governors; and Rep. Patricia Todd, the first openly gay member of the Alabama House of Representatives. To view the entire list you can log on to
“I am honored to have the support of these leaders in the LGBT community,” Clinton said. “Together, we can end the divisive politics of the current administration and renew the promise of fairness and equality for all Americans.” A few weeks ago, there was a mild brouhaha on the Sidetracks Yahoo Group concerning a group call Arkansans for Hillary which posted in search of participants. To this date it seems that they only have 6 members, no recent activity, and I can't seem to get any reaction from the list owner. Obviously they didn't get the message that Candidate Clinton was looking for committee members. Consider yourselves notified.

OH LOU: It's official, CNN's ball buster- populist advocate journalist, Lou Dobbs will be in the house, 11.27.07 at the Wally Allen Ballroom in the Statehouse Convention Center. Dobbs will be lecturing as well as touting his new book, Independents Day: Awakening the American or his other best seller, War on the Middle Class. In case you've had your head under a rock, Dobbs has been at the nexus of many national debates ranging from the ill-fated Dubai Ports deal to hotly contested immigration reform dilemma and has been mentioned as a possible independent populist candidate for the presidency. I've listened to this firebrand newscaster keenly and realize that this guy is a no holes barred- non-crap accepting individual across the board. I'm most intrigued and often laughing out loud at his descriptive usage of the english language to lament those on his radar. According to Nikolai DiPippa, this event has had a tremendous response, therefore it had to be relocated from the Clinton Center to the Statehouse. Apparently, it's going to be a sell out and you know I will be there in the mix to check out the vibe. At post time I'm not sure if any seats are left but if you are interested contact the Deputy Director of Public Programs: (501) 683-5239 or

AIDS Update: On the Arkansas AIDS Foundation website there was a blurp about a HIV/AIDS Billboard Campaign ballon release to be held 11.26.07 at noon in McArthur Park. However, I got mixed signals when I got info this forwarded "The Notes" (11.19.07) info which stated:

"...World AIDS Day also kicks off a three-month billboard campaign in Little Rock and Pine Bluff to draw attention to the issue and to promote HIV testing."

Talk about not being on the same page? I'm not sure where the communication snafu took place, but this kind of miscommunication isn't conducive to a successful anything. This is the reason that many organizations are not being taken very seriously and usually have lackluster attendance at events. It also continues to foster confusion as to exactly who is doing what, when or why. The AAF website also listed this "ballon launch" as a fundraiser? REALLY? Stay locked in at CorneliusOnpoint as we try to sort out or call out those who can't seem to get it

Capitol Pride: Elections were held earlier this year(9.8.07), with a subsequent November fundraiser, but it seems that the group is still in need of board members. To my knowledge a quorum is usually needed to operate most orgnanizations. If you are interested, contact the Pride Line for more info 501.859.0723.

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