Tuesday, November 13, 2007

For Your Consideration...part 2

The Obama Factor in search of the Presidency

It was only a few years ago, that a relatively unknown figure ascended to the national stage through his speech at the 2004 Democratic National Convention. The speech launched a career that has taken this former Chicago political organizer to new heights, meanwhile facing new lows from a spectrum of opponents and detractors. I have listened Mr. Obama many times, finding him engaging, thoughtful, retrospective and unilaterally insightful in regards to America's version of gladiator politics. From the onset, Obama has been a man in search of the presidency with a target on his back. He was the first to receive Secret Service protection due to threats on his wife's life as well as his own. Subsequently, he's faced questions about his family origins, past writings, political swagger, patriotism and his race: Is Barack Black enough? Now on the web, the hate meter has been turned up another notch with whispers and mean spiritedness stating that Obama is a some type of "Manchurian candidate" implanted by Muslim radicals destined to take over America. Can a brother get a break, obviously not when this type of rhetoric is being fueled by supremacist sects and others who have their own brand of hate to promote. Even though I can filter such madness and have for years. I am afraid that this type of mindless prattle often makes it's way to those who area easily influenced or swayed with consequences unknown. I haven't made up my mind on my presidential choice as yet, but I can't idly stand by and not express my outrage as well as disgust, that Mr. O is being characterized by shadowy groups via his sir name as a "foreigner" sympathizer with ties to a Muslim manifesto. For goodness sake, just how low can it get? In the meantime, I may never meet candidate Obama, but as one brother to another living in America, I want him to know that I've got his back on this one.

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