Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Welcome to the Thunderdome...

Yes boys and girls, it's 4 a.m. and my brain is in review and edit mode with this forum. It's this type of commitment and determination that keeps the content fresh, breaking and as usual Onpoint. That's it in a nut shell. With that said, let's get cracking and go inside the thunderdome of what's going on....

OH LOU!: You Go Lou..., that's in Lou Dobb's who brought his sharp wit, pericing observations and engaging demeanor to a SRO (standing room only) Wally Allen Ballroom in the Statehouse Convention last evening. Dobb's who appeared as apart of the Clinton School of Public Service lecture series delivered a 20 minute or so assessment of what he believes are serious issues in the public arena. Dilemmas such as our commonality as Americans, public education, middle class destruction and his signature flash point, immigration. "I'm for comprehensive immigration reform, but this can't be accomplished with out controlling the borders." said Dobbs with a matter a fact that was met with rousing applause. Just prior to his speech, Dobbs nightly broadcast this time Live from Little Rock, chided a Arkansas group about their attempts to usurp the law in support for illegal aliens. I've watched Dobbs' CNN program and wanted to see if he's as fiery in person as he seems on his program and I wasn't disappointed. Mr. Dobbs spoke openly and was quite frank about a plethora of issues including Gay Marriage, which he said he actually supports. Unfortunately with that pronouncement, the room went silent and there was no applause. But undeterred he continued nailing his position by asking "can anyone demonstrate to me how gay marriage is suppose to threaten my heterosexual life? Why are we allowing this issue to cloud the real issues in our country like failing government..." As I scanned the overtly Caucasian audience, I was intrigued that Dobbs has cross section appeal with ages ranging from the E-Generation to the senior citizen set. Those within earshot of my seat were verbally affirmed most statements including his call for those in attendance assert an Independent party affiliation, with "Amens" and "tell em Lou's." Dobbs eagerly answered questions with "bullets points" and evidence within his self styled diction that was easily followed during the Q&A session. However, despite the audience wanting to hear more, Skip Rutherford, Clinton School College Dean, had to finally call last question. Subsequently, Dobbs was ushered to a table where he was available to sign copies of his new book, Independence Day- Awakening the American Spirit. I realize that Dobbs has his detractors and some find him bombastic, but I personally find his no-holes barred approach to calling it like he see's it, very refreshing and inspires me to keep doing what I'm doing...Keeping it Real!

World AIDS DAY Activites: I'm glad to post these activites to this site, but with a few quesitons that have come to mind. Such as when were these activites put together and where was the "advance" information about them? What about some details like who is in concert or the workshop outlines? Why does this haphazard- slipshod maddess keep happening with these community events? O.K. I've vented and most likely no on will step forward with any real answers. So, for the record the official 2007 theme is "Taking the Lead..." In the meantime, here are the lisitngs:

THURSDAY, November 293rd Annual Arkansas HIV/AIDS Prevention and Awareness ConferenceTheme: Mobilizing the Church, Community and Government in the Fight Against HIV/AIDSLocation: PSC, Kendall Center Time: 9:00-4:00pm Sponsors: PSC & Future Builders, Inc. Contact: Lupitha Rasheed at 975-8505 or Rick Collins at (0) 897-5566 or (C) 563-7477** FREE HIV TESTING at AR Baptist College from 11 AM-12 PM

Thursday, November 29th at the Rev Room Show Your Support at the AIDS Benefit Concert!Sponsored by UALR Gay Straight Alliance(the rev room is in downtown LR on pres. clinton ave.)$5 - All Ages8:00 p.m. - 11:00 p.m.

FRIDAY, November 30 SEE RED DAY - Wear your RED T-shirt to show your support for World AIDS Day. An Aggressive Approach to the HIV Crisis Location: 3701 Springer Blvd. Time: 10AM-3PM Sponsor: The Watershed ProjectContact: Rev. Hezekiah Stewart at 378-0176

World AIDS Day Workshop Location: Statehouse Convention Center Wally Hall Ballroom Time: 1-3 PM Sponsor: Heifer International Contact: Annette Froman 907-4973

SATURDAY, December 1 – WORLD AIDS DAY** Receive free RED shirt with test results. Tests take only 20 minutes.

World AIDS Day"Arkansas Event", Saturday, December 1 at 6:30pm. Hosted by World AIDS Day Committee, Arkansas AIDS Foundation, Open Door Community Church, in rememberance of those living and past. Location will be the Open Door Community Church. To see more details and RSVP, follow the link below: For additional information email: mailto:arkworldaidsday@%20sbcglobal.%20net

Saturday: December 1, The Clinton Presidential Center will observe World AIDS Day 2007 with the largest display of the AIDS Memorial Quilt. Observed each December 1st, World AIDS Day raises global awareness of the 40 million people living with HIV/AIDS around the world. The Center will display several blocks of the AIDS Quilt, which memorializes those who have lost their lives to this pandemic. For more information on the AIDS Memorial Quilt, visit www.aidsquilt. org.

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