Monday, November 26, 2007

Cyber Monday Unlimited

It's 29 days til Christmas, aproximately 35 days to 2008, a 1000 hours to the Iowa Caucuses and ground zero for Cyber Monday as deemed by online retailers who tout that many folks are not actually doing their "jobs" today, but shopping from their desktops. Whooopeee!!! Only in America. However gentle reader, I'm back at the keyboard, offering you the latest e-content from the wild world web and beyond. Ready or not, let's roll....

OH HUCK: I watched former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee's interview on the Sunday talk show Late Edition where he outlined to Wolf Blitzer his administrations accomplishments in the state. He talked about his fast tracking online state services, road improvements and a slight tax raise. O.K. and blah, blah, blah... Huckabee has surged in the polls nudging in close to frontrunner Mitt Romney. Meanwhile the huckster is in full comedic form by running an ad in Iowa which he states his answer to the U.S. Border issues is "Chuck Norris" famed marital artist and actor. Mr. H is notorious for his over the top sense of humor, how can I forget his quipp that Arkansas is a "Banana Republic in elections," the off color missive of "financing his presidential run by knocking over convenience stores..." and his shot at John Edwards's high dollar haircut mis-step. I've said it before and I'll say it again, I think there's a reality show just waiting for Rev. Mike and Janet. Anyway you look at it, dont' count the Huckster out at this time, but in the meantime he's being deconstructed across the board. Want to know more...go to for some interesting insights and comparisons. Don't forget about the Republican Debates this Wednesday, 11/28/07 on poltical central, CNN. Check your local listings for times.

Bunny's for Ron Paul: Apparently Nevadas' Bunny Ranch brothel wants to raise cash via "donation boxes" outside it's locale to gather funds for the candidates campaign. Paul has commented that he did'nt solicit the support, nor has he said that he would'nt accept the loot. But did say that government should'nt be in the business of regulating the world's oldest practice either. Dr. Paul is emphatic about limiting the federal reach overall including foreign a
id and military bases abroad. Paul most likely won't win the nomination, however he'll have a war chest of cash to retire any campaign debts or cushion for his next political foray.

The Big O's Bounce: It was bound to happpen, The big double "O," takes flight. That's the Obama and Oprah tag team will be upon Iowans shortly in search of caucus goers this coming January 08. According to Camp B.O., Ms. Winfrey has agreed to stomp for the presidential nominee hopeful in Iowa and South Carlonia in the coming weeks. The race is all but in a dead heat in Iowa, between Obama, Clinton and Edwards still in striking range. Winfrey has said publically that she supported Obama including her highly visable West Coast fundraiser where Ms. O hosted a who's who of supporters. In contrast, I've been reading reports that Team Clinton has had job fairs in D.C to find additional campaign workers and operatives that were dispatched to the state to assit with shoring up it's well oiled machine. The showdown at the O.K. Corral ain't got nothing on this throwdown.

Overestimating AIDS?: In lieu of World AIDS DAY 2007, I've been broadsided by several articles dealing with the crisis. According to a report from the United Nations which devulges that the vernable organization is planning to acknowledge that it has grossly overestimated the AIDS epidemic worldwide. The latest estimates, released publicly 11.20.07, reduced the number of people infected with HIV worldwide from 40 million to 33 million and lower annual new HIV infections by more than 40 percent from last year's estimate. Ultimately, I'm wondering how did this mis-counting happen and who should be doing some explaining for these bungled numbers?
Neverthless, thirty-three million people with HIV is still a huge challenge for society, thusly a numbers mea culpa could change the way we look at the scope, the speed of the epidemic's expansion as well as fuel those urban myths that somehow HIV/AIDS is no longer a viable health threat. It is possible that observers will look at this information as a sign that we don't need to do more on AIDS, but that would be a mistake. There are many lessons at play, first is that we must be making some progress because more indiviudals are living longer. Secondly, we are in reach of stopping the epidemic if we continue to devote resources and encouraging more drug trials. And lastly continue steadfast in the education aspects of the problem unilaterally especially among women, latino's and SGL African American males. There are many activites that are occuring in the state starting this week. Check our archives for details and links. Dont' forget that World AIDS DAY is December 1, 2007 hearlding the theme, "Take The Lead..."

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btc1959 said...

Sorry to see Oprah back Obama. Money talks and she can buy..... I know I won't vote for him.