Friday, November 09, 2007

Can We talk!...The Week Roundup

November is off and running in case you've been too busy to notice. As I get to boards each day to producce this forum, I'm not suprised at the overnight changes in our world, even though I have to admit usually a news channel here or there rocks me to sleep nightly. Also, it takes constant researching, updating, reading and verifying content too bring you the latest interesting information across the board ranging from local color to global flashpoints. Many thanks to you that continue to count on us as a source for your connection in the GLBTQ community and beyond. I appreciate it and hope that you will spread the good news that CorneliusOnpoint is a must online destination.

Family Council Watch: Arkansas’ attorney general, Dustin McDaniel, has approved a second proposed ballot initiative banning gays, lesbians, and other unmarried couples from adopting or becoming foster parents. Previously in this forum we posted that the council was tinkering with it's language and had already started "dialing for dollars" to help with their campaign. The first initiative was rejected by the attorney general and the governor, but has been revised to include language declaring married couples in the best interest of children. The conservative Christian group proposing the initiative must now collect 62,000 signatures by July for the measure to end up on the November 2008 ballot. Meanwhile, I haven't heard a peep about that un-named organization that is preparing a counter campaign to this initiative. If you recall, this group has had a rocky formation tinted with attitude adjustments and seems to be operating in stealth mode. Stay tuned....

JSSCI Offers Classes: Healthy Relationships is a five-session, small-group intervention for men and women living with HIV/AIDS. It is based on Social Cognitive Theory and focuses on developing skills and building self-efficacy and positive expectations about new behaviors through modeling behaviors and practicing new skills. These session will include monetary incentives ranging from $170 to $250 for those who apply between November 5th and December 20, 2007. Contact Nadine or Sylvana for details: 870-534-3448 or 501-663-7166 (Ask for Vance). Tell them that you read it here first!

VOLUNTEERS NEEDED: If you are: - 18 to 65 years old - HIV positive and treatment experienced (have taken HIV meds) - A CD4 (T-cell) Count of 250 or more - A viral load of over 2500 copies - Interested in receiving an investigational drug to treat your HIV. You may be eligible to participate in a clinical research study Sponsored by Koronis Pharmaceutical, Inc. Call Doris Walker, 501-603-0003 for further information: Health For Life Clinic, PLLC 1100 North University Ave, Suite 260 Little Rock, AR 72207 Fax: 501-603-0030

Stonewall Meets: The November SDC meeting & refreshments will be held on Thursday 11/15/07 at the Democratic Headquarters in Little Rock. The organization is preparing for 2008 Elelctions and the upcoming electioral smackdown. Need more...go to the website:

Dirving a new CAR: The Center for Artistic Revolution has a new web designation that will be live this week. The organization has been working consitently for GLBT rights through organizing, advocacy and cultural activities including their recent outreach efforts during Fall Diversity in Eureka Springs. The DYSC (Diverse Youth for Social Change) program, which comprises of 14-23 year old youth and young adult promotes the development of youth/young adults into leadership roles and civic participation and activism. While open to all youth/young adults, the membership is currently about 80% LGBTQ. The program meets each week on Friday at 6:30...can call 244-9690 for directions. To check out the site here's the direct link:

In recognition of Veterans Day 2007, CorneliusOnpoint Salutes the men and women who are serving the nation in conflicts around the world. We honor and respect your service in the various complex theaters of unrest that hampers freedom & choice.

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