Monday, December 01, 2008

World AIDS DAY 2008

Today is World AIDS Day 2008 and the fight continues worldwide with the rallying cry of "Leadership," soundly affirming this year's theme,"Stop AIDS. Keep the Promise." From various points throughout the state, their will be commemorations and tributes to the over 1800 individuals whom have succumb to this health crisis. COP:24/7 has been committed since our inception with offering current data as well as ground breaking research in the field of AIDS medicines and treatments. We vow to stay engaged across the board with providing links, video, commentary, updates and podcasting, which is included in this posting. Our online partners at EVOCA have archived all of our podcast, allowing us to create a catalog that ultimately will be available on I-Tunes. When you are ready to tune in, simply just click the EVOCA icon, adjust your speakers, sit back and feel the COP:24/7 vibe, locally produced from our downtown Mablevale studios. Meanwhile, the work that goes into this forum can be taxing, not to mention time consuming. But it's our contribution to the SGL community and beyond. Everyone has a part to play in addressing the issues that affect us. I implore you to find your niche, get connected, then get involved, TODAY!

It's live and in living color, another Podcast from COP:24/7 If you are interested in submitting content, got comments, or sponsorship possibilites, feel free to contact us! We love hearing from you! Hit us up directly at

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