Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Dashing through the City

Whew! O.K. I got started late and thought I had only a few gifts to pick up. Yeah, Yeah, it turns out that just when I thought I was done, I had to do a last minute dash for a forgotten individual. I did get the holiday cards out and I thank those who sent me greetings from all over the place. I really appreciate it and hope that we all make it too the other side, December 26. In the meantime, here's my Dash post as I prepare to sign off for this week. I'll return funky fresh next week with surprises and much more. Come on back and stay on point. Happy Holidays to ya!!

Winter Stepping: The first Annual Winter Ball, held 12.20.08 at the Metroplex didn't quite step off as the organizers perhaps had hoped. I had so hoped to attend this event, but that damn schedule just keeps me hog tied and bound sometimes. However, I asked for those attending to report in and they did so. Most felt that essence of the event was right on the money. There was a DJ, live band, atmosphere, food, live entertainment all nicely presented in a great venue. However, it was missing something important: People! Unfortunately, the turnout was low especially in relation to a cavernous hall such as the Metroplex. I gathered from observers that there is a segment of the community which is hungering for this level of gathering but I believe that if there had been "more" advance notice and additional priming of the info pump, this could have been a tremendous success. The info that I saw and posted here, failed to mention those important selling factors that are needed to "power sell" an event to the folks in this city. It's those vital questions of What's in it for me and Why should I attend. I was also dismayed at the divisive tactics of Angie, Club Good Times owner whom had a counter event on the same evening for no real apparent reason, except to be what I feel is just "messy." I'm just damned at the "us vs. them" attitude that continues to divide this city. It's all just silly and ridiculous to boot. Just imagine if everyone could have come together for this event in a beautiful space, dressed in our finest, making a statement that "yes we can" party with a purpose. I'm not deterred by the low turnout. I plan to contact organizers and offer my expertise on future events for 2009. We can't afford to let groups who want to have a civilized, non fighting, upscale event just slip through our fingers because of a those who pander to the alley way of doing business. Stay tuned and let me know what you think. We are always listening for your point of view.

Marketing COP:24/7: I'm gearing up for a marketing push for 2009 including a refreshed look. Also, I'm assessing our needs and how to gather more readership, interaction and usefulness of this forum. It's all about getting the word out and taking it to the next level of exposure. So get ready to see COP:24/7 in full form for 09. I appreciate every one's support and encourage you to share this site with everyone you know!! If you've got ideas, feel free to hit me up at:

Have a great Holiday Season...we are pausing for Christmas, but will be back in the hot seat next week.!

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