Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Which Way is Up Wednesday

Did you catch the podcast? Say what? Well if you have not had the chance you still can. It's still available in our 12.1.08 posting. So click the EVOCA icon, adjust your speakers and viola! You will be tuned into radio COP:24/7! So what are you waiting for, click it while reading our latest posting.

WAD 2008: All across the state there were World AIDS Day commemerations that reaffirmed the fact that this health crisis is still with us after two decades. Unfortunately, my schedule precluded me from attending many of these activites, I certainly applaud all those who participated and shared their concerns, stories and support. The HAAP Coalition reports that their Capitol Rotunda event was a success, including messages from Joyce Elliot, the newly elected Senate Majoirty Leader. Their e-blast also included links to footage for the event. I'm including those links for your viewing pleasure.
Part 1: Welcome
Part 2: Brief Comments
Part 3: Comments & Task Force Findings
Part 4: Elegies for Angles, Punks & Raging Queens
Part 5: Song and Dedication Ceremony
Part 6: Closing Remarks

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