Thursday, December 18, 2008

Jingle Jingle and all that Jazz

Progressive Politics UPDATE: PROJECT POSTCARD IS WORKING! As the nation closes in on the the installation of our new head of state, President Elect Obama this January 20,2009, the bar has been set high and mighty by various factions of the electorate. Even as the cabinet choices are are almost complete and the agenda forming, groups across the country are in overdrive to let the future president know just what they think. I got a e-blast from JoinTheImpact which alerted members that Obama's transition office has announced that they are no longer accepting postcards and will now only accept #10 envelopes with wish list and other suggestions on how to take back our country. They state in the e-mail, "we won't go away that easily! Put your postcard in a #10 envelope and send it along to him anyway." If you would like to participate in getting jiggy with the incoming administration, you can get the suggested message and transition office mailing address here, then post a photo of you and your card in the JoinThe Impact photo gallery. If you decide to do so, don't forget to tell them COP:24/7 sent ya and then leave us a comment about your experience.

Inaugural Shut OUT: Yes, it's the ticket that everybody is clamoring for and trying to obtain them by any means possible, but if you tried to get those freebies from your Capitol Hill Representative, don't bother because they are so gone. As soon as I heard that that the coveted tickets would be available, I rushed a shout out to my Reps for a long shot consideration. Wishful thinking on my part, due to the fact that so did about 3,999 other folks wanting to attend the "New Birth of Freedom" themed event. In case you don't get it Team O has wrapped this event from the bosom of Lincoln, including Obama taking the oath on the same bible as the famed Lincoln who also hailed from Illinois. Furthermore, adding to this whole historical bent, earlier this year I got a chance to see the actual Emancipation Proclamation which was a featured exhibit at the Clinton Library. Adding to my consternation, I was sorta amazed at the fact that somehow tickets materialized for the Little Rock Nine, despite that some of them didn't even want to attend. Hello, are any of those tickets available? Meanwhile, as I ponder that thought, I'm posting the unedited letter that was e-blasted to me( and most likely alot of others) that I was not among the chosen few. In previous post, I've mentioned that during this political cycle, I've learned some valuable lessons about how the system works. First up, It's Who you know. Second, How much you contribute, even though the event tickets are suppose to be FREE. Third, if you write, they will respond. Ladies and gentlemen, it's just my latest political dance in 2008. Read it and tell me what you think. Graphic courtesy of the official Presidential Inauguration Committee website.

Dated: December 18, 2008

Thank you for your recent request for tickets to the swearing-in ceremony of President-elect Barack Obama on January 20th, 2009. I am sorry to inform you that Congressman Snyder is unable to provide you with tickets to the event.

Although Congressman Snyder received requests from constituents for nearly 4,000 tickets, the Joint Congressional Inaugural Committee allotted our office only 198 tickets. Even the vast majority of these tickets are for standing areas only.

The national mall will be open to the public on Inauguration Day for people who were unable to get tickets for the swearing-in ceremony. Authorities estimate that 1.5 – 2 million people will be able to witness the event from the unticketed area. We have been told that several high definition television screens will be set up along the mall so that people will be able to watch the event even if they are unable to actually see the participants in person.

For information regarding other events associated with the inauguration, please reference the President elect’s Inaugural Committee website at As more information becomes available regarding the official inaugural balls and the inaugural parade, it will be posted at that web address.

Also, I am aware of one event for Arkansans hosted by the Arkansas State Society of Washington DC on Monday, January 19th 2009. Here are the details:

Arkansas State Society Inaugural Party for RazorbacksThe National Press Club529 14th St. NW 202-329-6711

Finally, there have been media reports about people selling inauguration tickets over the internet. Any tickets to the swearing-in ceremony are free and only distributed by congressional offices and no tickets have actually been issued yet. So anyone who claims to have tickets to the swearing-in for sale is being untruthful.

Please feel free to contact me with any question regarding inauguration activities.


Toby Watkins

Toby Watkins
Rep. Vic Snyder (AR-02)
2210 Rayburn HOB

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