Friday, December 05, 2008

It's Another TGIF and More

Surely you're not done with that holiday shopping are you? If you need a break, then you've come to the right place for a holiday diversion sort of. It's another TGIF as we rapidly close out 2008 and look forward to 2009. So without further rambling, let's get this madness pumped...

Noah's Arc Landing: At this posting, there's still no theatrical showing planned in Arkansas for Noah's Arc: Jumpin the Broom. The feature film wrap up of the LOGO network show of the same title with the entire cast intact. This film which is one of the most talked about movies that seems to be getting the short end of the stick of press is scheduled to be available on DVD mid December, as well as apart of the Netflix catalog in Feb. 2009. Unlike, MILK, the Harvey Milk bio, starring Sean Penn, which has been getting glowing reviews and press coverage across the board, Noah's Arc was distributed in limited release from LOGO films. What's the tea you ask? Well, once again, it's all about the Benjamin's people. Those all important bean counters only want to follow the money in those big metro areas or at least where they think it may be coming from. MILK which was screened earlier this week in Little Rock, will get a wider distribution and a robust marketing campaign than Noah's Arc. Despite the proposed boycott of Cinnemark theatres involving it's CEO who donated cash to California's Prop 8 issue,which is still boiling over on many fronts. Consequently, it's the star power from Penn which will propel the film, but that coveted Oscar buzz that filmmakers wish for is the bigger prize that will send this film over the top. It's no doubt that Sean Penn is certainly probably one of the best actors today. I'm always mesmerized by his performances and how he literally disappears into the character he's portraying. As for Noah's Arc which has a credible cast featuring actors Daryl Stephens, Jensen Atwood(pictured above), Christan Vincent, Doug Spearman and Rodney Chester (pictured left). Directed by Patrik Ian Polk, the film steps off two years later with "Noah" and "Wade" getting ready to "jump the broom" in Martha's Vineyard with the crew in tow. The comedic timing and scene stealing Rodney Chester as the wedding planner seems like worth the price of the ticket. I've only seen some previews and read some reviews thus far, but I'm looking forward to a ASAP in-home movie night. Overall most have stated that it's a warm hearted closure to the TV show, but other's have call into question the "realness" of the characters in the everyday life of SGL people. I saw every episode of the TV show and I could argue on both sides of the equation, yet I still find it refreshing that this show existed and now this movie will allow us to perhaps find some solace in knowing that Noah finally landed his dream man.

Ladies and Gentlemen... Grace Jones: The ultra performance artist with the showstopping face, Grace Jones has pulled up to the bumper with a new CD entitled, HURRICANE. The disk which dropped in October is her first production in 19 years. Finding it locally will probably be chore, however the Net always comes through. I found copies on Amazon for around $20.00. Jones has re teamed with former collaborators to stir the music pot with yet another provocative mash up of songs that are vintage, Grace. First out the box is her erry, "acid like trip", Corporate Cannibal, just in time for all those pesky Wall Street crap shooters who were playing fast and loose with the some else's purse. The video was directed by Nick Hooker, demonstrating that Grace is still on the cutting edge of life's razor.Then's there the title track, Hurricane, where she swirls and churns just like a ocean tempest citing the phrase, "here I come, just like a hurricane, tearing up trees..." Oh Yeah Grace is certainly back ready to unleash her music prowess on the masses. For those of you whom missed GJ from her foray during the Disco ear and beyond, are in for a ear bend that you may not be prepared for. I've been a fan of Jones' from the first time I heard her sensual deep throated version of "Do or Die," "I need a Man," or "Warm Leatherette" which I still listen too. Her over the top persona has ranged from uber Dominatrix, Jamaican fashion icon to some folks she's just plain scary. No matter how you take Grace, either you love her or she just isn't you cup of tea.

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