Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Rocking and Rolling Tuesday

With each posting, I often find myself either in reflection, deflection and sometimes in a rejection mode of various viewpoints. From the onset, this forum has positioned itself as an open source for discussion and debate. Even though the interaction hasn't been as robust as I would prefer, I continue to throw open our digital pages for those so inclined. I've been aware of the recent groundswell of local activism and the varying positions that some have taken on exactly how to react to culture war issues that directly affect this community. No matter where you may stand on the methods, I challenge each of you to at least take the time to share your concerns either here in this format or where ever you feel it will count most.

Civil vs Gay Rights: I've been tossing this one around for more than a decade, and no to my surprise here it is again. Are Gay Rights in the same ball field with Civil Rights issues? In the December 16 issue of the Advocate, the discussion is on full blast, not to mention the blogger across the board are on fire. I could I resist being in the fire, after all, isn't that what this forum is all about. Of course much of this discussion has derived from the Prop 8 debacle in which some White Gay's went left meanwhile showing their true "racist" colors, including using the proverbial "N" word to boot. Oh really? Throughout my tenure in the "rights" trenches I have reconciled that the "Gay Rights" platform is problematic within the Civil rights camp. Especially in lieu of the fact that those in the Prop 8 fight did a knee jerk reaction in accusing the mere 10% of California's black electorate for causing the measures defeat. Furthermore, many of those protesters even inflamed the situation by with some reported race baiting, extreme rhetoric and other over the top reactions that for the most part has illuminated the once "down low" riff within the SGL community. Did you know that such a devide existed, well has for some time and now it's gaping wide open for all to see. Yes, my readers this issue is wide and deep and we will continue to explore it more later this week. I hope you will come on back for this one and bring a friend.

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