Wednesday, December 17, 2008

A Seasonal Wednesday 4 U

The holiday's are in full swing, even as the economy continues to tank. Tough times are suppose to be among us, but as I move through the city, it seems that many of you are still making your way to the stores to take care of your Christmas business. In the words of Linda Ellerbee," and so it goes...,"and so do we at COP:24/7.

Winter Stepping: Get your groove on at the 08 Winter Gay Ball , 12.20.08 at the metroplex on Colonel Glenn road kicking off at 9 p.m. - until. According to event planner," Ms. P", of A Day in the Life Productions, the event will be at the beginning of big things to come. Parks states on her Myspace page that her business is seeking partners and same minded individuals who want to put Little Rock front and center in the paty circuit. She believe that the SGL community has the capabilities and creativity to make this a reality. She has courted area retailers for discounts on evening wear, hotel rooms and amenities to assist all those who may attend. Tickets can be obtained locally at Ugly Mikes, Dime One Lifestyles or on the web at, General Admit is $35.00 with VIP seating at $50.00. I'm checking my schedule to see if I can get my face in the place. This is the type of event planning that this community deserves and should expect. But this level of event doesn't keep taking place without the full support across the board. So if we want it, then let's step to the place dressed for success.

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