Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Tuesday Take Down

Got nuttin to do? Then may I suggest that as you keep it locked and loaded to COP:24/7 that you don't forget that staying on point with this forum will keep you updated on what's really going on in Central City and beyond. Just in case you didn't get the message, here's a possibility for your consideration. It's Brotha & Sister's, "Three Days in September," mash up where you can get empowered, entertained and infotained for the low, low, price of nothing. It's a FREE outing that's designed as a community building outlet for getting to know more of not who you already know, but perhaps whom you don't. So, check your calendars and get prepared to learn and share. Click livingwithaffectedby@yahoo.com for more info or give us a shout out in our comment icon. So, How you Doing?

Up Periscope: We've been on a barwatch for the last few months and finally at least one them will be coming out of shoot number 1. It's PULSE adjacent to OffCenter in downtown Little Rock, 307 West 7th Street. I got a pre-mini look around last week and those worker bees should have put the final touches on this venue and are now ready to show it off. I got the shout out and will roll in sometime during tonights soft opening. Of course, I'll have all the skinny about who had their face in the place or where their face ended up. Check for that send up on this Thursday!

Kennedy's Contributions To HIV/AIDS, Gay Rights Policies Recalled
Sen. Edward Kennedy (D-Mass.), who died last week, is being remembered as "the most powerful voice in the Senate for gay rights, as a strong supporter of HIV/AIDS funding, hate crimes legislation and same-sex marriage," the Associated Press reports. According to the AP, "Kennedy was an early advocate for AIDS research and treatment, securing federal funding so patients could have easier access to experimental drugs, expanded home care and outpatient mental health care" (Lavoie, 8/27). The Los Angeles Times reports that Kennedy "worked with Republicans to gain passage of a number of landmark measures," including "the Ryan White Comprehensive AIDS Resources Emergency Act, which his office says created the 'single largest federal program for people with HIV/AIDS'" in the U.S. (Simon, 8/27).
Michael Weinstein, president of AIDS Healthcare Foundation, said in a press release, "Since the beginning of the epidemic ... Kennedy has been a consistent, unwavering leader and architect of enlightened AIDS policy and funding." Kennedy, he added, "was a true champion of people without a voice, and we mourn him today as one of the most reliable soldiers in the ongoing battle against HIV/AIDS" (AHF release, 8/26). As the world watched, so did I as Mr. Kennedy's legacy, humanity and political prowness was displayed as a testimony to a man destined for greatness. His immense affect and vocal outcry for the "everyman" will never be forgotten and I certainly hope will be be matched by future servants of the people. Thank you Mr. K. May God embrace you in his grace. RIP.

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