Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Everything is Everything: The Tuesday Edition

Its's still fast and furious here at COP:24/7 How do we do it? It's anybody's guess and we continue to bring you updates, outtakes, re-takes and just plain old stuff. It's all going down right here and right now. Are you ready for some more, then let's go for it....

History Anyone: This site was proud to be apart of Equality Forums yearly celebration of GLBT History Month. In our fourth year we posted their daily video post which featured an wide array of individuals in the lavender history lexicon. This forum has attempted to empower our readers with this information including offering prizes in conjunction with the effort. However, our numbers and interaction was not as impressive as those reported by the organization. Even though we are in the computer age, I'm disappointed that we were unable to garner more hits or interest. It is for these reasons that we are analyzing our effectiveness in this community and whether our web presence has run it course. A final decision will be made within 30 days and the results will be announced. According to Equality Forum, in 2009, glbtHistoryMonth.com received:
4,200,000 Web Hits
1,100,000 Page Views
200,000+ Unique Visitors
For GLBT History Month 2008, there were 600,000 Web hits. Over 650 nonprofit organizations, educational institutions and for-profit corporations had a link to GLBT History Month 2009 on their Web sites, making GLBT History Month the largest collaborative GLBT project. In 2006, when Equality Forum launched GLBT History Month, 20 organizations had a link. "GLBT History Month opens our minds, especially those of our youth, to the possibilities of what we may become," said Dr. Luke Jensen, Director of LGBT Equity at University of Maryland, a collaborating partner. "The 700% increase in Web hits, page views and unique visitors reflects increased focus on YouTube, Face book, Twitter and blogs," stated Malcolm Lazin, Executive Director of Equality Forum. "Our in-kind media sponsors, collaborating organizations, broadcasters airing the 30-second PSA, and community activists made a huge difference in leveraging the resources of GLBT History Month 2009." I've championed the use of the Net as an outreach tool unilaterally, even though there's been some response, overall I can't determine just how much we've penetrated the community overall. If you've got comments, ideas, observations, the floor is open for at least the next few weeks.

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