Monday, November 16, 2009

Monday Roll OUT

Hello Monday you old friend of mine, so glad to see you rolling around again! Yeah, it's a fresh week as 2009 continues to winds down. Can you believe that we've already blown through another year on our way to the first decade of the 21st century. Whew times is flying by with a quickness and for the meantime COP:24/7 is preparing to give it all it's got until the fat lady sings December 31, 2009. Ladies and Gentlemen then we will sign off this wonderful experience in communication geared toward outreach to the LGBTQ community and beyond. Until we close up shop, this forum will continue to give you more of what you will miss when were done. So, without delay let's get busy shall we....

Speaking Volumes: Remember that adage:"From the mouths of babes..." Well, I as well as the nation got an ear full from Master Will Phillips whom stated that he would not be pledging his allegiance to the flag since he felt that this nation was not living up to the standard that was cited in the pledge. According to his statement, he knew that there was still racism, sexism as well as the lack of gays and lesbians to marry. I was literally struck dumbfounded at his clarity and ability to articulate his viewpoint at the ripe old age 10. Furthermore, my heart goes out to him taking such a public stance in the small town of West Fork and unafraid to answer the media spotlight that will highlight his words. Often it's been said that it's the youth that will help make a difference in this world and Mr. Phillips gives me hope that he will be apart of that change. As I watched him, I couldn't help think of my younger days full of voice and questions about this place we call the home of brave and land of the free. I believe that his interview can stand lone in our daily posting. There's nothing more for me to add except for the words..."What have you done today to be Proud?

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