Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Wednesday Hump

What a week so far! It's the mad dash the week before the Turkey and Fixings in a whirlwind holiday spin down to our final posting come December 31, 2009. Can it be done? Will it be done? Where will it all end up? Of course you've got to stay locked and loaded to this forum for all of the "what's really going " updates, breaking news, video, pod casting and whatever makes the cut before we make our grand exit. Until then, let's percolate shall we....

Health, Me & U: The health debate continues to rage in congressional chambers and across the nation with a plethora of dueling viewpoints for our daily consumption. Early this week MSNBC highlighted an excellent segment regarding health reform and why it is needed. I stated numerous times that this issue is pertinent to the GLBTQ community and our voices as well as reactions must be apart of the dialogue. Especially the solutions that will ultimately affect many within our community. You can find that segment from this link: Also featured is Arkansas' Lt. Governor Bill Halter talking about this Saturday's(11.21.09) upcoming free health care clinic. At this posting over 1000 patients have called requesting the various services being offered. As well to date their are also over 1200 health care providers and volunteers in place to signify that there is no greater cause than this free clinic, which is specifically for those who do not have health insurance. Many of us may have been bombarded over the nights, watching similar segments that are simply heartbreaking meanwhile feeling helpless because there is not anything that you can really do to help. Saturday is the day when the "I" in action can finally make a difference. It's vitally important that each of us do something to show why it is important that this health care reform bill passes so everyone can have access to health care and these temporary free clinics will become obsolete. Arkansas's Congressional delegation should be embarrassed that this plight is being put right out front in global view. Please take a moment to view the link to see how this Saturday's event is something that none of us should sit on the sidelines and only watch and read about on Sunday morning or any morning for that matter.

JCCSI is seeking trained HIV counseling and testing volunteers. If you are so qualified and would like to help out, please email, Michelle Smith, JCCSI - Below are the shifts needed.
11AM-1 PM
1-3 PM
3-5 PM
5-7 PM

Volunteer at the November 21st Little Rock C.A.R.E. Clinic

The website is for both medical and non-medical volunteers to sign up . Please forward the following link to all of your contacts, members, etc:
Free Clinic Information:
Toll-free number for patients - 877-236-7617 Free Clinic Line - Little Rock

Blanche on the Line: She's at the center of the ongoing health care storm and Sen. Blanche Lincoln is dancing as fast as she can in making her case about her position on the issues. Enter The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, according to an e-blurb from Lincoln stating that the bill was introduced in the United States Senate on Wednesday night, November 18, 2009. She states that Senate Leader's agreed to her request to allow 72 hours for Arkansans and the American people to view this proposed health insurance reform bill before the Senate considers a procedural vote that would open debate on the bill. That vote will be completed by Saturday night, November 21. While copies of the bill are available from various sources, I just wanted to let you know that I have now posted the entire bill on my website. Click here to read the full text of the bill. This is another step in the long task we have undertaken to improve America's health care system so Arkansas working families and small businesses can count on having access to health care without facing potential finance ruin. I am currently reviewing the text of the bill. Importantly, even if the Senate decides to open debate on this measure, there will be many days and weeks of efforts to improve it and I will look forward to your comments and observations.
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