Thursday, November 12, 2009

Talking Out Loud Thursday: The Rouge Edition

It's going, going and still going on here at COP:24/7! Yes, my pretties life goes on and damn it we mean it too! Therefore, there's no need of fooling around, we're going rouge like the rest of em...

Independent EXIT: Well he done done it. Lou Dobbs, CNN's proverbial firebrand, flame thrower and shot caller has left the building. Literally! Last evening, Dobbs broadsided myself and the rest of his viewers by announcing that he was giving his last broadcast for the news behemoth. Say What, I thought? Are we being punked? Who's zooming who Lou! Apparently, Dobbs has had enough of whatever was going on behind the scenes and not to mention out on the streets. I have watched his broadcast with great interest and attended his standing room only 2008 lecture featuring his most recent book, Independence Day. It's no secret that Mr. D has stirred emotions, has raised the ire of some folk and called other's out front and center about their actions. Dobbs has been berated, maligned and accused of eschewing bigotry with his immigration stance. In numerous interviews, Dobbs has been passionate that his views are not such and that many of his statements have been misinterpreted or skewed. I've listened to Dobbs on many occasions, including during his Little Rock stop, where he even did his broadcast from this city. I've found him to be certainly thought provoking, as well as engaging individuals to look beyond the surface or rhetoric for more substantive answers for which he gets my respect. Personally, I would rather have a man tell me what he's all about than dealing with someone whom can't fully explain themselves. I suspect that Mr. Dobbs's listening tours brought him some great insights and probably some well heeled contributors that will allow him to re-emerge as "Candidate Dobbs." Only time will tell, but I'm betting that we've not heard the last of Mr. Independent. Hey Lou thanks for enriching my vocabulary and giving me the "temerity" to keep on keeping on!

World AIDS Day 09: I posted an item about the scheduled activities for WAD 09 and so far I've heard very little response concerning those events. Am I to understand that a County Balloon Release and Essay contest constitutes the creativity or better yet capabilities of this community? I've mentioned it in the past about "people power, etc." but gosh dern is this all that can be produced from one year to another? In full disclosure, I had planned to attend the planning session, but the meeting date was changed. Therefore causing me a scheduling conflict, which didn't facilitate my participation. Yet, that's beside the point and the outcome "is what it is" as it is often said. Meanwhile, as I was digesting or attempting to wrap this around my mind, then I get broadsided yet again with the news of a Comedy View type show being sponsored by AMHC ( Arkansas Minority Health Commission) slated for 11.28.09 featuring non "A" Lister's and in my opinion with limited appeal. What's going on here? There's dollars in some one's line item for a Comedy show but World AIDS Day gets balloons and Essays? Surely there's got to be some more pots on the WAD burner Wow, talk about those Tobacco settlement dollars at work.

OH Canada: Arkansas contingent from the DSRA will be winging their way to Toronto, Canada for the IGRA 2009 Convention. Unfortunately, I won't be able to join them this outing, but look forward to the announcement of next years gathering. I hope to get some updates or breaking news from the site on what's going on with associations from across the nation and globally. I was impressed that some of the proceeding were to be "streamed" over the Net for a glimpse inside the workings of the group. Talk about taking it to the next level, now, that's staying on point and stepping to the plate!! You go IGRA!

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