Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Tuesday Roustabout

And we're off! The countdown clock has begun as we prepare to bring the ship into dry dock come December 31, 2009. That leaves us about 33 days until the final items in this forum "make the cut" here at COP:24/7. While it last, you are going to get the latest updates, commentary, links, video and damn it probably the kitchen sink. Stay locked and loaded as we bring it all to the table for your consumption. Let's Roustabout!

DSRA Steppin: COP:24/7 sends out a "high Five" to the DSRA delegation that winged their way to the International Gay Rodeo Association's conference in Toronto, Canada. Unfortunately, I was unable to make the trek, but due to the associations web savvy, I was able to catch a live stream from the event. Even though it's not actually as good as being their, but making the event accessible using this tech gizmo was a great marketing device and information portal. The association did note that their were noticeable "broadband speed" issues, yet I still watched board proceedings including the important announcement of the 2010 host site which will be Reno, Nevada. Also, IGRA University will welcome IGRA member associations for their training camp in Las Vegas, January 15-17, 2010. I guess I'll be packing my saddle bags for some more travel to represent Arkansas' association. In the meantime, don't forget our Royalty show, "Belles & Boots: A Evening of Royalty" December 5, 2009, 4525 Hoffman Road Doors open at 8 pm, Showtime: 9:30 p.m. $5.00 donation. Come start you holiday celebration with the team as we prepare for Rodeo in the Rock 2011! Thanks to Miss M. M. for the graphics and participation. It's all about community isn't it!

BarWatch: If I wasn't busy enough, I still found time "to do the circuit" last weekend which was filled to the gills with activity. Let's say it again, "if you can't find things to do or events that are your cup of tea, then perhaps you should think about it a little more." It was whirlwind tour-de-force/ bust a move starting with STAR Bar which was gearing up for a private party in one section and the rest of the venue available for other guest. Larry W & crew are staying the course as an alternative option for entertainment with food, cool music and metro surroundings that everyone should find time to enjoy. There new deck should be a hot spot come next spring if they can survive those long winter nights in the city. The next stopover was, SpeakEasy Supper Club where a quick drink was met with hugs and kisses from matriarch Miss M. The club was teeming with faces filling themselves with appetizers, drinks and listening to some great music from a scheduled assemble. It's been a long and winding road for this outlet, but according to owners they are "in it to win it," that being the staying power game. They're giving it there all and it shows. It was on to the 7Th street corridor for a drop in at 610 Center and on to the OffCenter/ Pulse mash up for an evening of productions featuring MGA, Alyssa Edwards. As usual Whitney Paige was in full form and although the crowd wasn't SRO everyone seemed invigorated. I predicted that this venue would eventually become a show destination and the array of talent that's being showcased is off the chain. With that said, the venue is also made itself available for many fundraising efforts for worthy causes as well. If you missed me, and most likely you did since I'm a moving target, catch me when you can!
New Group Search: There's still some conversations being bandied about concerning forming a offshoot of BWMT in Little Rock. Those involved in interracial relationships are seeking like minded couples, individuals or allies to gather for social as well as educational opportunities. So far, nothing concrete has been announced, but I got a feeling that some thing's right around the bend. Stay tuned for the update. If you've got info, let's hear about it!

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