Monday, November 23, 2009

Number 602 and counting

602. Just what's significant about that number you wonder? Well, it's the number of this posting, meaning that this forum has produced Six Hundred Two versions of CorneliusOnpoint. Wow, that's a lot mouthing off, updating, factoids, and veribage that has passed through this portal in search of empowering our readers in the GLBTQ community and beyond. If you count the actual words, it's some where in the ballpark of over 100,000 words that have been delievered to this site over the last 4 years. How sweet it has been, especially as we prepared to take our final bow come December 31, 2009. But until then, let's see what's really going on....

Teachable Moments: The Center for Artistic Revolution will be sponsoring a workshop entitled, "Butch/Femme in Arkansas & Ourselves" on Monday, November 30 at 6:00 pm, 1st Presbyterian Church. The seesion will explore the words "butch and femme" which can bring a lot of images and thoughts to mind. Some say these are lesbian identities of the past. Others purport butch/femme identities are expanding to include various gender presentations and identities including transfolk, studs, AGs, and more. There will be a lively discussion and workshop on the history of butch/femme, the significance of these identities and roles today, and our own views on what butch/femme means in our lives and in our rural/southern queer movement. ALL are welcome to attend this workshop, including but not limited to butches, femmes, questioning, curious, and allies of ALL AGES. This event is FREE and will be followed by a social with a Potluck social at 8PM. The workshop will be facilitated by Amanda Harris. Amanda is a queer-southern-feminist-femme living in Brooklyn. Amanda organizes with Femme Family NYC, is a board member of Center for Artistic Revolution, and works with homeless queer youth in New York.

Benefits A-G-GO: As World AIDS Day approaches there are many activities churing aobut including an AIDS Benefit @ Club Pulse December 1st, hosted by the U.A.L.R. Alliance, 8:00PM-2:00AM. The door cover AND donations goes to the Arkansas AIDS Foundation, which is an endangered organization in our community that needs our help! So come out and support your community while enjoying great entertainment!The Go-Go Revolution Girls will be appearing! HOTT HOTT HOTT GIRLS! LIVE MUSIC (in Offcenter room) starring...JILL STRINGHAM's band ANGELYN JOLLEY's band

DRAG SHOW (in Pulse room) starring...Brittney Paige- MCBreeanna Braxton Paige Mshay Foster, Tionne Iman ,Diedra Winsor Walker, Blair Paige, Gino Murano, Valentino Rios, Johnny DeMarco, Marco Delgatto and SIMONE: Slam Poet

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