Thursday, November 05, 2009

Thursday Frame-Out 2.0

We're rolling right into the weekend and the e-box is busting loose with news, updates, commentary, video and so much more. Therefore, let's do a Thursday Frame-Out with a quickness. Ready? Let's do it....

Clinton Lectures Online: I'm a lecture fan and I have no apologies for that. I find it stimulating, invigorating and empowering to hear as well as see engaging individuals with competent viewpoints or those with competing viewpoints that make my cerebellum work harder. The Clinton School Speaker Series is a dynamic outlet for this type of enlightenment and hey, it's absolutely, FREE. Talk about a cheap date! Furthermore, if you've got transportation issues or perhaps just can't get your self out the house, the series is also available on the Net at A few weeks back I had a chance to catch the Neil Giuliano lecture which I found extremely interesting on numerous levels. Unfortunately, I wish that more of the actual SGL community would've been present or even more so, Mr. Giuliano could have been utilized as a direct inspirational resource to local groups. Of course none of that matters since the opportunity has passed. But actually that's the problem. Not being prepared to intersect when opportunity knocks often finds this community left out, left behind or even more so, simply lost in the shuffle. I hear it often, "why this" or "why that!" Well, you would think that this city would be well on it's way to doing more for itself, but for the umpteenth time, "It takes PEOPLE, MONEY and COMMITMENT supported by realistic action plans achieving measurable outcomes. Even though this formula is Organization 101, ultimately it's the power of the Politics of "Hello," that gets the ball rolling. If you don't began the process with a "hello, I need or can you do whatever," then you will continue to ask the proverbial "Why?" Mr. Giuliano's message covered that angle from his Stonewall timeline where he illuminated how the SGL movement has evolved.
His bio is extensive and celebrated to say the least according to the Clinton website. It states that, as a potential Democratic candidate in Arizona’s upcoming gubernatorial election, Neil Giuliano is the former four-term Republican mayor of Tempe, Arizona, and past president of the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD). As Mayor of Tempe, Giuliano was among the nation’s most visible openly gay elected officials. Before becoming mayor, he was a 25-year senior administrator at Arizona State University where he directed student leadership development, alumni relations, federal government relations, and community relations. Here, he speaks about LGBT rights and the societal shift seen throughout the media regarding the LGBT community. As an added bonus I was proud to see Ryan U. Olson selected to intro the speaker and give a compelling personal story in relation to the topic. He noted that his small town upbringing propelled him to discover his authentic self and has allowed him sufficient growth since then. Mr. Olson is a student of the Clinton School of Public Service and former Center for Artistic Revolution DYSC coordinator. He was one of the organizers of the event and states that there will be other noteables scheduled. Congrats on a job well done and I personally look forward to the next guest in the lecture series. We need this type of programming to help us keep the faith!

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