Monday, February 16, 2015

50 Shades of Frozen

Whew!  Talking about a winter's bone! It rolled on us and actually there's no need for any back talk considering the rather uneventful winter season that has occurred. Let's just say that I was all about doing a riverside picnic over the weekend complete with a bucket of chicken. Meanwhile, as sleet and all manner of lady winter descend upon us, we can't ignore that there's still plenty of cray cray that going on all around us and beyond. So shall we dive in for the latest from COP 24/7?

The Boiling Blood of HRC

It was so interesting to get yet another of those HRC, alright let's keep it clear, Human Rights
Campaign Fund, email edicts from its Washington D.C. pantheon where the scrolls are unrolled to enlighten the rest of us on "what say thee," about what's going on in the Netherlands outside the beltway.

First off, does our native son Mr. Chad Griffin even know that this stuff is even being circulated by his minions to alert us in the outlands that his "blood is boiling," about whatever is going in our quaint state?  I must say that I am so envious of this big box apparatus and its ability to let messages fly that would make even Olivia Pope envious, that it is actually making my blood boil a bit too.

A couple a weeks ago this platform alluded that we wanted to wax on about the whole HRC satellite mother ship descending upon our fair state with the company line of "changing hearts and minds," in the Natural State.

They, being them folks who got the big bucks from the other folks who have even "bigger bucks," to go and help them Southerner's with all that ails them from being consider full citizens and stuff. Go down their and change them "hearts and minds," set up a office in the local non-profit Hive and make a difference. Now y'all be about it now!

Sounds good, but is anybody feeling any different considering the recent actions of our legislature or not much else that obviously didn't get the "changing hearts and mind memo."  All kidding aside, what this forum thought Project One America should have been about was to infused the HRC kinetic harvest that's already in place from their own D.C, hive directly to affect the boots on the ground.

How about taking a cue from your federal neighbor's and delegating those smart folks to the area with pallets of cash to increase the capacity of those who are already dealing with our crazy so perhaps we can do what it really takes which is use "cash" to change some hearts and minds.

You know, full page ads in the local gay newspaper, perhaps banner ads on this site, billboards, TV spots or even folks dressed in maybe HRC costumes to dance about the streets of Little Rock like those cute Lady liberty or Android costumed folk. I'd be open to doing what they do in the Middle East, drop leaflets from the sky!  Can you imagine the talk or even maybe some chaining hearts and minds. Well we would hope so, but until then I guess we will have to deal with whatever....Oops there comes another HRC email...

From One Call to Action to Another?

You know we just can't make this shit up! As we announce a "call to action," we have to update on the other "calls," that we set in motion. To date, despite numerous efforts and outreach, it appears that we can't get any traction concerning the recent denials of local agencies seeking to offer Awareness Day activities back in 2014.  Yeah that's right, even the folks who were dismissed without any explanation seem to be "OK," with that and it doesn't matter.

As we cover all that keeps popping off in the area, this situation really makes this forum ponder if these folks were really interested in the first place and gives us pause as to other motives for their
submissions.  So are we to understand that they moved forward with jumping through the ADH hoops only to be told ain't nobody here interested in what you are talking about?  Really? 

Despite any and all of this, there is still the question as to what happened to the 2014 awareness funding and what is the 2015 plan since it's apparent that there's still HIV infections occurring in the city amidst clinic workers whom apparently feel unobligated to be culturally sensitive, offer basic customer service or can we get really real, even give a damn whether you get serviced or not. Do we have folks with Syphilis or any other sexually transmitted infection and waiting for an appointment? I raise you a Sarah Palin "betcha," and call you a continuing correlation of STI's and HIV that fuel increased infection rates in the state. What you holding...

A Stay Tuned Alert! 

COP 24/7 has got some exciting news to share about none other than emerging community based organization LinQ for Life, Incorporated. We've been made aware of the entities surprising  meteoric surge forward that includes securing next wave STI training, collaborating on establishing its own laboratory access, positioned for federal funding, launching several beacons to raise its local profile and more Board of Director announcements!! It's been a tremendous roll out and COP 24/7 will be among the first to tell will not want to miss it!


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