Monday, February 02, 2015

Super Bowl After Glow

Another Super Bowl has engaged the masses with high profile players, commercial's for all to either love or hate, and enough calories to keep folks running to the nearest gym for at least the next week. With all the hoopla now an after fact and non matter whether your team won or not. COP 24/7 keeps on churning out the next week of "what had happen," from items near and far. Let's not waste a minute as we unpack the latest...

God, Gays, Grits and Gravy: The Huckster Speaks

I just want to thank all my comrades around the country who couldn't help remind me that Former Gov. Mike Huckabee is from the great state of Arkansas.

It was so great to hear from them as they pondered just what the heck is the "Huck" talking about yet again, when he speaks of "having some gays as friends, even musing about not hating gays and on the Sunday talk show circuit, waxing on about his non-evolving on same-sex marriage which the rest of us call "marriage equality." Let's not forget this is the same guy that gave us the "Uncle Sugar" reference about people he felt were welfare bound to the government. "Talking about a "my sweet Jesus moment!" However let's be clear, we do live in a country where we embrace free speech and choice of religious beliefs. And with his $5 million dollar net worth, I guess he can say whatever since he's not worried about paying his gas or electricity bill.

As usual Huckabee is making noise as we began the 2016 presidential race to 1600 Penn Avenue along with the rest of the candidate clown car. At this point the car has made a stop and exited Mitt Romney who made a early call that he's not the one. However, Huckabee's own exit from his Fox talk platform, book tour and Iowa forum stop and of course more his home spun thoughts about why Christians are being persecuted for their beliefs and so forth and so on, is terrific fodder for the media starving for the next hot topic sound bite.

Just so you know, I am extremely proud of my Arkansas roots. I proclaim it all across the country on my junkets to conferences and or other outreach efforts. Often times, since I am among the few from this state, I get remembered from that stance and hopefully my winning personality as well. Nevertheless, I never shy away from folks from my home state whether it's the recent MLK antics of Jermaine Taylor or rap artist TI being sent to the pokey or the Huckster speaking his mind. As Julia Sugarbaker said clearly. "Here in the South, we love all our crazy folk. Its just our way!"  Here's one of the items that I was privy to see...

"So Mike Huckabee goes on CNN State of the Union today and talks about what a tragedy it is that people who support same-sex marriage are completely intolerant of Christians--so intolerant that they won't even engage Christians in debate. But then he goes on to say that it would be impossible for him to change his opposition to same-sex marriage, and that, by definition, a Christian must be opposed. Since there is no point having a debate unless both sides are open to the other's point of view, I'm amazed at how, in the same interview, Mike Huckabee decided he was for debate before he decided he was against it." Paul Hawkins, Memphis
 Thank you NABWMT brother Hawkins for sharing his Huckabee sighting with hopes that he will must look away before he turns to stone. And that goes for everyone else who happens upon anybody spewing rhetoric around "God, Guns, Grits and Gravy." Excuse me, I'll take some gays and gravy to go.

We Shall Not Be Removed: The State of HIV/AIDS Among Black Gay and Bisexual Men

a four-part Google Hangout series hosted by AIDS United, brings together experts, visionaries and thought leaders from across our LGBT and HIV communities to discuss:

  • the impact of HIV on gay and bisexual men of color;
  • how this issue relates to and stems from parallel social justice movements; and
  • innovative strategies that could help alleviate the epidemic.
The first in the series, Marlon Riggs' Legacy and This Political Moment, will take place on February 3rd 2015 at 1pm EST, commemorating the birth of esteemed black gay filmmaker Marlon Riggs. Reuniting panelists from the acclaimed 2014 USCA session, community thought leaders Yolo Akili, Kenyon Farrow, Aquarius Gilmer, and Charles Stephens will discuss the devaluation of black male life made particularly relevant by current events such as Ferguson, the living legacy of Marlon Riggs and his work, and leadership and power in AIDS Service Organizations. 

"Legacies and Lunch: Black History Month," a panel discussion In partnership with the Butler Center for Arkansas Studies

In honor of Black History Month, Legacies and Lunch will feature Henderson State University history professor John Graves, Arkansas State University history professor Cherisse Jones-Branch, community leader Freeman McKindra Sr., and Butler Center staff member Rhonda Stewart on the benefits and detriments of denoting a specific month for African American history. The panel will explore ideas of the promotion of Black History Month, building commitment to the history of African Americans, and even the idea of leading to decreased attention to this topic in other months.

  Wednesday, February 4, 2015 at 12:00 p.m.
  CALS Ron Robinson Theatre, 100 River Market Avenue, Little Rock, AR 72201
*Reserve your seats by emailing or calling (501) 683-5239.

Need FRE HIV Testing? It will be available February 12, 6401 West 12th Street, 10 am. - 2pm. Join Arkansas RAPPS, Mobilizing Arkansas Brothers, Community Connectors and LinQ for Life, Inc. as we continue to provide educational outreach services to across the community. For mobile testing options, call 501-404-2367. For more information on this Awareness Day event, call 501-349-7777 or check out

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