Friday, February 13, 2015

The TGIF 13th COP 24/7 Edition

As we've been informed, it seems that many readers are "just not in to reading stuff," and have advised us that we need more video content. Therefore, as we are not one not to disappoint, it is our desire to make good and deliver as much captured content as well as our own emerging original offerings.
Let's face it, we are always up to a challenge to keep us on the "1's and 2's" of what the children are being all about. We want to make sure that "we live" for their needs to make things digitally move and groove. So, watch us move in that direction as we continue our journey to keep brining you more of what you should be looking for and more...!!

The Journey of Chris James

This forum has never been afraid to taking itself into spaces or standing in the gap of asking the who, what, when or where about a range of issues. Often times COP 24/7 finds itself discovering wonderment and talented individuals from many walks of life. Such is none other than, Mr. Chris James.

His searing and soulful poetic voice takes us into the depths of not only his soul of those his generation whom feel they are voiceless. This platform has been keenly aware of his struggle to stand tall on his own timeline and at his insistence that he be authentically present and accounted for.

He formerly published a local newspaper and is now and has been taking his living performance art all across Arkansas. On Saturday he will among other local luminaries to be recognized during the Love & History awards banquet sponsored by The Social Justice Institute of Philander Smith College and The New African Alliance in a night to highlight servants in our rich heritage. Congrats to Chris on this and the new House of Art coming to the Argenta District, March 6. In the meantime, take a moment to enjoy his vibe.

And the Call to Action Continues...

In case you've missed it and we can't imagine how or why. There is more action concerning the recent craziness at the state legislature as those dastardly bills that we've previously mentioned has all but sail through the governing body on their way to Governor Hutchinson's desk. Who by the way has said that he won't "veto," them but will all but do a "I don't see no stinking bill on my desk," move to allow the measures to become law without his signature. How easy that would be to dodge any responsibility for what his other comrades are doing in plain sight.

With all that said, there is a petition on, asking Governor Hutchinson to veto SB202. Please sign and share with your friends and family. Of course, there's been other local visible  actions and the proverbial " Facebook big talk" from folks whom usually are "hiding in plain sight," so that no one will notice that they just might be gay. Oh No, me? 

Anyway COP 24/7 has been all in the mix trying to hold our own here in the digital sphere while keeping our ear to the ground about what's up with all this overreach to continue boxing in folks who are not deemed "those folks and such." Stay tuned as we do our damn best to update and link you dear readers to the latest. In the meantime, do what you can to make your voices known to your elected officials.

Join us in our efforts to keep talking about what's really going on. Join our Circle of Friends through our secured Pay Pal portal. Your valued contributions allow this forum to keep producing news of interest to the LGBTQ community and beyond. Can we count on you to donate today? 


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