Tuesday, February 03, 2015

Twisted Tuesday Turn Out & More

Arkansas Community Shames State, Again

Its happened again. Another Arkansas community has raise the medusa head of homophobia, ignorance, discrimination and intolerance in the name of Jesus. The story broke in the Dallas Voice yesterday as COP 24/7 was already to post another item, but diverted to put this matter front and center.

While sorting the matter out COP 24/7 went deeper to get further clarity on the actual details as outlined by Mr. Jay Hoskins husband (right) to Mr. James Stone (pictured left) who was denied the right to have his funeral services at the Clarkridge Church of Christ in Mountain Home, Arkansas.

Mr. Hoskins shares the facts in the below post on the DV webpage. There is no doubt, that this is another demonstration that in many small pockets of the state, we have citizens who exude outright discrimination and a distinct abuse of human rights. We've seen it not only in Mountain Home, but cases raging from school children in the Pea Ridge required to provide HIV test results to numerous unsolved murders of transgendered individuals in the Forrest City and Little Rock areas.

This forum fully understands that we live in a land where we have many unbridled freedoms in speech and religion, yet many call out other countries for their lack of human rights while practices of this congregation highlights otherwise. COP 24/7 abhors their actions and our condolences as well as prayers go out to the Mr. Hoskins and his extended family who have been totally disrespected by these congregants, and those who stood by and condoned this behavior. As Mr. Hoskins has ask supporters to send letters or acknowledgements to our disgust to these folks and we believe that we should also send educational information for them to review as well. Are you up to the challenge? Then do so and let COP 24/7 know what you sent and if you encouraged others to do so also.

The following item is unedited and submitted by the writer.

"I am James' "legal" husband of nearly 6 months, and we had been together for over 10 years. Yes, this incident happened. And yes, it was out of the fundamentalist Clarkridge Church of Christ, amongst others. I just learned of the media coverage of this issue in the past couple of hours on the Voice. I have been contacted by local media in the last hour.

I can tell you that there were not only issues having a service for him, but also in so much as that one or more members of the Clarkridge Church of Christ called and "CANCELLED" our family get-together after the service, and that TWO members of the Clarkridge Church of Christ, Jerry and Vicki Oels gave James grieving mother, myself and the preacher a nice big envelope each

One filled with over 10 pages of Bible passag...es condemning us to hell, referencing God's marriage laws, marriage amongst people and animals, and then a sympathy card.

I HAVE NEVER EXPERIENCED SUCH HATE AND BIGOTRY in my life. James was taught not to be bigoted, hateful, and would not have approved of this.

James did not die of Sjogren's Syndrome. He died a tragic death of suicide where his poor mother and myself found him hanging from a ceiling fan. I tried unsuccessfully to revive him, but it was too late.

To the people of Clarkridge, including his own family, RUTH STRAIN, RAY WAYE, ROY (JUNIOR) STONE and JACKIE STONE- you all will be judged just as everyone else. The same goes for VICKI and JERRY OELHS.

And for anyone who would like to send their thoughts to Jerry and Vick Oels, you can write them at

3843 CR 37

 I can be reached via email at jhoskins2 at symbol att.net

Time to get out the "We're Crazy Button 2015!"
Arkansas lawmaker proposes ban on local LGBT-inclusive non-discrimination laws

Bart HesterAn Arkansas lawmaker on Monday proposed barring local governments from making it illegal to fire someone or evict them based on their sexual orientation or gender identity, a move that gay rights supporters said would set a dangerous precedent.

Bart Hester
Republican Sen. Bart Hester of Cave Springs filed a bill that would bar cities and counties from adopting ordinances or resolutions that would create a protected classification or prohibit discrimination on a basis not contained in state law.

State law doesn’t currently prohibit discrimination based on sexual orientation.
The proposal comes nearly two months after Fayetteville voters repealed a city ordinance that made it illegal to discriminate against someone based on their sexual orientation or gender identity in the areas of housing, work and public accommodation.

Hester said his proposal was a response to that ordinance, saying he believed local governments having varying discrimination laws could deter businesses from moving to the state.
 “It’s very difficult to recruit someone here when we’re going to have different civil rights ordinances in different cities,” Hester said. “We need some uniformity.”

The Human Rights Campaign, the nation’s largest LGBT civil rights organization, denounced Hester’s proposal and said it would take away cities’ ability to govern themselves.
“Local leaders in Arkansas should be allowed to choose what’s right for their own city or town,” Kendra Johnson, the group’s Arkansas director, said in a statement.
It’s crystal clear that the motivation for this bill is to stifle local efforts to advance equality for LGBT Arkansans,” said Johnson. (AP sourced)

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