Friday, February 27, 2015

Hot Topic Friday and More

Hello Is this thing ON

Again," hello is this thing on?" Well let's hope so as the madness of the Arkansas legislature keeps putting our fair state on full blast across the globe. Yes my dear readers Arkansas has gone "viral," although we have had steep competition with "The Dress," and the Llama's on run that got folks in a damn near tizzy!

If you recall, this forum as usual went there to wax on about the recent "call to actions," around those pesky pieces of legislation. You know the ones' the now law, SB 202 and that other stupidity HB1228, the so-called “Conscience Protection Act” which suffered a key setback in the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Just as a refresher in case you still trying to figure out "the dress" stuff, as written, the bill would allow individuals to sue government actors—including teachers, firefighters and police officers—if that individual believed that their personal religious beliefs were being violated.

Also just in case you had your head buried otherwise, there has been a slew of big facebook rants and as I pointed out, people from around the world pondering if Arkansas is a "hate state." OUCH! All this even brought NYC based and at large Journalist Steven Thrasher of The Guardian to the city in search of gay folks and anybody of any color who would talk about these matters. More on that next week too.

In the meantime, COP 24/7 applauded what had been done, but pondered about "big box" tactics such as high profile full page ads, palm cards and where was our TV spots from the "changing hearts and minds," folks.

Well we're not sure if they were listening but "viola," we witness the roll out on our local and totally gay friendly, KARK TV 4 yesterday. It was a well produced TV ad concerning this issue, hot off the editing board and slip streamed to our area and of course their website. We here at COP 24/7 are so glad that great minds think alike or whatever. Its so good to know that we too here in the state have really great ideas of how to advocate for ourselves given the resources to make it happen. But in the meantime, check out this video and as always your comments are encouraged and welcomed. I'm sure that there's more to come....stay tuned!

Empire VS This Is Luv
Launched on February 16th, GLAAD teamed up with You Belong Co-Founders, former NFL player Wade Davis and writer Darnell L. Moore along with the National Black Justice Coalition, Politini Media,, HRC Foundation (HRCF) and to launch “This Is Luv” (#ThisIsLuv), a multi-media campaign highlighting affirming LGBT love in Black communities and families.

So why was this done you ask? Thanks for asking. According to Wade on MSNBC's Melissa Harris Perry Show, he stated that there needed to be response to both the perception that love dynamic images are in short supply in the black community plus the Black homophobia story line of the run away hit Empire over on none other than FOX. 

COP 24/7 had to go binge watching all eight episodes in one sitting to make sure that we stayed in the fruit loop with the children and many adults who are going totally stupid over this show. Anyway more about Empire in a later posting.

In the meantime, this campaign offers a counter-narrative to the prevalent idea that the African-American community is generally homophobic. Celebrities, writers, and advocates will share photos and video blogs about the supportive and caring relationships that have transcended sexual orientation or gender identity. This too is another hot topic that needs more mouth from COP 24/7 to come.

“Too many people within the Black LGBT community believe this myth and never allow themselves to be loved by their families,” says Wade Davis. “Our goal is make it known that love for Black LGBT people exists in our community.”

Advocates are increasingly becoming aware of the intersecting identities of being African-American and LGBGT as a focal point for discourse and healing.  A part of that process is intentionally documenting and celebrating loving relationships in Black families to deliberate

To see the portraits and testimonials go to
You can also post your pic of affirming love for Black LGBT people by their allies by using the hashtag #thisisluv and #blacklovematters.

Coming Next Week...

We've just learned some exciting news about LinQ for Life and you can learn about it here before anyone else does! We're going to spill the tea and you will not want to miss us!

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