Friday, February 06, 2015

Fast Forward Friday

As this forum struggles to stay relevant and fight more those important "eyeballs," of social media readers. We continue to hear that "folks don't read." Especially the younger set which have opted to getting their news from "video" snippets and You Tube clips that "talk at them," instead of individuals taking the traditional time to "read" for clarity or that all important comprehension which could be the reason so much "misinformation," gets tossed around. Interesting enough is the fact that we added, should I dare say several years ago, a direct link to some of our favorite YouTube video's as well as COP 24/7 was among the first to post podcast to our page.

So it seems to me that we have been on the cutting edge for some time, yet we barnstorm forward as Arkansas' LGBTQ information leader. If you are not following us, then please opt-in subscribe, bookmark, "like" our Facebook page at or you can join our Circle of Friends through sharing your donation via our secured Pay pal portal. In the meantime, we'll see just how much more further we can go with this digital town square.

Legislative Call To Action Update

Two bills introduced yesterday morning that could make a significant impact on not only the LGBTQ set but from the wording it could have an impact on all Arkansans rolled through committee meeting onward for future consideration.

HB1228 ( which seeks to allow religious-based discrimination and SB202 ( to allow to prohibit cities from enacting fairness ordinances, came from the mindset of  Hindsville's Rep. Ballinger (HB1228) and Rep. Hester of Cave City ( SB202).  Although there was circulated "call to action," at post time, COP 24/7 was unaware to the depth of participation or impact.

Mainstream media offered "sound bites," from HRC State Director, K. Johnson and other local activist took to social media to share their concerns. As more developments around this "call to action," are assessed, COP 24/7 will break it out as we learn about it. Stay tuned...

Having Trouble Getting Care? Speak Up!

SpeakUp_logoAre you or a client having problems accessing HIV care or services with a health plan? We want you to Speak Up!

The Speak Up project wants to hear about difficulties people living with HIV are having accessing health care, such as:

· Problems getting prescription drugs
· Trouble accessing primary care
· Difficulty accessing HIV specialists

Go to the Speak Up web page and report any problems you or a client face with new Affordable Care Act health plans, or existing plans. When you Speak Up, you'll help thousands of others across the country.

This national project, led by AIDS Foundation of Chicago and the Center for Health Law and Policy Innovation at Harvard Law School, will monitor, catalogue, and analyze the problems experienced by people with HIV in the new system. Speak Up will identify issues that need to be addressed, bring them to the attention of state and federal policymakers, advocate for change, and report back to the community.

Let your voice be heard. If you can't get the care you need, Speak Up! Need more information call 501.379-8203.

New Step-By-Step Guides Available from NIDA

The National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) has developed step-by-step guides for people with loved ones who might have an addiction problem, or for people seeking to help themselves. They are in simple, "Q and A" format, and include easy-to-understand videos. These guides focus on the steps needed to determine if a person needs treatment; how to find it; what happens in treatment, how to find help paying for it; privacy issues, and more. The guides are on our Web site's Treatment section at

Note that these guides are customized into 4 categories:

  1. For teens seeking help
  2. For adults seeking help
  3. For parents or guardians seeking help for their teen or young adult child
  4. For people trying to help an adult loved one

Please spread the word about these useful guides, and look for a Spanish language version soon.


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