Monday, February 23, 2015

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And we are on the last week of February from yet another wild and robust week before and starting out! Where has this month gone is almost beyond me, but its been one that has been totally off the chain with all manner of items ranging from breaking news from the "crazy" going on at the State House to the ongoing hoots and hollers on Facebook. Its was all there and some of it was here,and most likely an Oscar in our future is a long shot unless you are talking about the hot dog version.
So let's take another noise dive into "what's really going on.."

All About Oscar!

Yeah it was that time again for the yearly Hollywood honor its best and according to host Neil Patrick Harris quip, "whitest," night of those sharing their acting craft. Of course the evening was totally filled with what we've come to expect, glitz, glam, game faces, and the power of the Oscar winning song, "Glory," which soared with bravado about numerous social justice issues and messages that we've talked about on these very pages.

Actually I didn't watch the program in real time as I have in the past. There's a back story to all of this but you will have to read the "Reflections of A Shattered Mirror," project to get that one. In the meantime, I knew that the onslaught of recapping and Monday morning quarterbacking about "all things Oscar," would suffice. Since the award season gets going earlier, usually you can safely bet what will be the outcomes even as local movie reviewer Rene Shapiro called out the "award locks" prior to the show. Yet, from what understood from other talking heads, her predictions mirrored so much of what had already been said or known.

Nevertheless, this platforms applauds all the winners and even those loser's who got $150,000 swag bags, limo service to A-List parties all the while their people worked their I-phones for their next gig. If I only had people with an I-phone working to get my next gig...And so it goes.

All About CHER

And speaking of the Oscar's..., Oscar Winner and Icon Cher weighed in the on the crazy legislation (SB202) that has
now made it way to Governor Hutchinson's desk. Of course, you know that even though she may have been briefed, I'm sure that her "people," handled all the workings of getting it posted to social media. I have no doubt that she's still recovering from her 2014 tour cancelling illness but still running her empire nonetheless.

I guess that doesn't really matter since other than using e-blast, social media posting and all that's basically free, there has been no "funded media campaign," to thwart this measure. So if this is so dastardly and a great deal of area folks believe that these measures are just not good policy, then where the heck is the tsunami of billboard, mail pieces, radio & TV spots, palm cards and all manner of media needed to "change hearts and minds," about this type of governing. 

Well, the basic reason is "cash." There is little to no good old fashion currency flowing to support not only any of the above mentioned but many local community based organizations have no non-restricted funds to dedicate to battling those well heeled folks under the dome. Certainly this forum has been in the mix with the "call to action," sending out information, posting breaking updates and always "dressed to kill," for most social justice engagements.

Yet our area infrastructure is cash strapped as apparatuses that can unleash what it takes to either defeat or support measures in our best interest. Certainly using the internet has it advantages, but we can't deny it also has severe limitations as well. Alright we certainly appreciate the "shout out," from the mighty "Cher," machine with hopes that our own internal shouts will be heard not only about this legislation but about our own machine that needs attention.

All About Earl Young's Delta

Producing this forum takes much time and effort. I know that you think that it magically writes, edits, research and produce its self within the wink of an eye. Not. Its just not that simple nor has it been since it's inception all those years ago. With that said, there have been new fangled methods to assist and time manage your production schedule. However one of the most things needed is a fresh stream of content and I've found that Mr. Earl Young has begun to fill that need through his Arkansas Delta LGBTQ Newsletter e-blast.

As I've mentioned before, Young has a penchant to roll out a boat load of content ranging from pictures to links to interesting items that fall right into our wheelhouse. From his own personal page he list that he is retired and living in St. Louis. From what I gather he use to live in the Delta and has a passion for scouring cyberspace, getting it to his Facebook page lightening fast as matter of informing those still living in the area. The page touts that the newsletter covers stories of interest to LGBT persons in the 5-county Arkansas Mississippi Delta counties of Phillips, Arkansas, Monroe, Lee and Francis.

I love it when other's join us in our digital pursuits to share information, offer numerous viewpoints, connect our readers to great video content and do what we can to make a difference. Thanks Earl for your ongoing efforts to keep it coming. Its' appreciated. Check out his page at

And its all about Call to Action!!!

SB202 has made it to the Governor's desk. He has said he will neither sign, nor veto this law. 90 days after the end of the session, this bill will become law. COP 24/7 encourages our readers to keep the pressure on him about our opposition to this bill. It is suppose to becomes law today (Monday), but not enforceable until 90 days after the session. Yikes!!! Even as the snow falls and everybody else is getting to the house.

SB202 allows the legislature to selectively ignore the Arkansas standards of Home Rule, it violates the Equal Protections Clause and will generate lawsuits at the expense of taxpayers, will have a chilling effect on new Fortune 500 companies setting up business in the state, it will promote a "brain drain" as some of our best and brightest leave the state in search of more equitable climes. HB1228 contributes to these as well.

One more time, here's the folks that you can reach out too for this and to always stay in touch about legislation that could impact your life and beyond.

EMAIL ALL - Members of the Senate Judiciary Committee:

Senator Johnson -
Senator Woods -
Senator Rice -
Senator Elliott -
Senator Chesterfield -
Senator Burnett -
Senator Collins-Smith -
Senator Hutchinson -

Now please call and leave a message for your personal Senator - 1-501-682-2902

THEN! CALL the Governor (501) 682-2345 and express your opposition to SB202 and to HB1228.


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