Thursday, September 25, 2008

Hear Comes that Sound!

Can you hear it? Now listen closely. It's the slow build up of folks who may end up with a "we're mad as hell and we are not going to take it any longer," attitude. I can feel it and I believe that it's not going to get any prettier out their. In the meantime, we are always about keeping the heat turned up and the volume on high as we continue with our minted brand of updates, links, breaking news, and what ever trips across our radar. So let's go get em....

Recovery JAM: On Monday, September 29, 2009, the fourth annual Recovery Jam will be held at the Little Rock River Market Pavilion from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. Recovery Month’s goal is to reduce the stigma associated with alcoholism and other drug dependencies through prevention, education, and treatment. Our goal is to provide help and hope, especially to family members, that recovery is possible by raising awareness about substance use, mental disorders, treatment and recovery. The event is free and open to the public. The event will include live music, free refreshments, personal testimonies, and providers with resources to raise awareness about substance use and mental disorder, treatment and recovery information. Also present will be ARCPG which will have display table with a variety of information inter-related to the junction to which HIV/AIDS and substance abuse intersect. Unfortunately this aspect of the health crisis is not always on the forefront despite the increasing incidences of drugs being involved with risky sexual behavior. I highly encourage anyone and everyone to check this event out and if you need assistance, by all means make an effort to get treatment. Here's a hot link for more info:(

Dialing for Dollars: Recently there was a interesting article that appeared in the NW edition of the AR Dem-Gaz citing ongoing struggles of an area clinic that serves HIV-AIDS patients. The piece offered an insightful look into the how there continues to a low threshold of "dollars and sense" being applied to helping this vulnerable individuals, the "wishy-washy" value that seems to be placed on their lives and the municipal battle for health care dollars. Those interviewed expressed thoughtful positions, however, according to Ed Barham, a ADH spokesperson, "Arkansas received 7.9 million last year for services for people with HIV..." Even though this sounds like a lot of cash, it's simply not when you account for the ever rising cost of treatment, plus the many associated financial needs of patients. The stories of those named are not anomalies, but rather the norm for HIV/ AIDS patients in this state. It's apparent that outlying areas are being impacted to the point where local governing bodies are debating funding such clinics. This could leave many individuals in a health care void and isolated. It's unacceptable and we must show our support by contacting those entities and Representatives respectively. You can read the article at (Arkansas Democratic Gazette):
VOICES Carry: I'm throwing out the welcome mat for submissions to this forum from area activist, writer, poets, humorist, soap box theriost or just "joe speaker." I prepared to offer a recurring column or featured item as dictated by the author. So if you are interested in giving your two cents here at COP, just drop us a line in our comment section or submit your content for consideration. We are ready whenever you are! Let's hear from you today!!

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Thank you Cornelius for giving ARCPG a plug. There is another similar organization on the horizon that is currently forming. I will keep you posted on its development. Willie R.