Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Stormy Weather COP:24/7

Water, Water! Water every where. Yes, my readers hurricane Gustva blew ashore in the gulf and swept upward to the Natural State. When I mentioned that this month was a month for preparing for disasters, I didn't know that I would get a trial run so soon. But, in true survivor mode, I did it, yet still realizing that my readiness still needs some tweaking. Meanwhile the rains came and then the power went bye-bye. With all this going on, I'm back in the big chair with my sites on making up lost ground in fast breaking fashion. Let's go....

Dyanmic RNC Duo: Are you wondering did I still check in on the Republican National Convention while I was in the dark? You betcha. I got out my trusty pocket radio and tuned into one of my radio favs, NPR ( National Public Radio) which offered clear and uninterrupted coverage of the event. While the wind and rain poured, I sat in my vehicle listening, all the while charging my lab top with my portable AC charge pack. Talk about determination to keep this forum going! Could I make it on Survivor? I'm not sure, but I know that I can rise to the occasion in awkward circumstances. In the meantime, I did catch that much touted Gov. Palin speech in which she step into the national spotlight as the Mc Cain VP choice. Well, Well, some body got a pretty good speech writer for the Hockey Mom who states that the difference between a pit bull and a HM is "lipstick." Alrighty then, Mrs. P. Is she ready to be the VP, or is this another "I'm going to Washington with plain straight talk," storyline that Americans so love. Her speech was certainly filled that rhetoric "red meat" that many of the delegates desired, especially when they thought that the mash-up was going to be a Gustva wash out. Sarah Palin has broken from the pack, featured on magazine covers, popping up on radars worldwide and people wondering "who's that girl!" I heard lots of bullet points during the speech on how she faced down Alaska party bigwigs, others with big pockets and sold off the in house jet on E-bay. Yet as she spouted off this laundry list of accomplished task, there are still many questions that need fact checking vs. the spin miesters behind the TelePrompter. On the surface, Barracuda Palin seems just what the doctor ordered to energize the GOP but the white hot light of the media, public opinion, talking heads, soothsayers and the swift boaters to come, will enlighten us in the coming days. Good Speech, Sarah! Good Luck as I'll be watching from the stands of the bloodsport known as electing an American President. Let the games begin! ( The logo above was designed by Ethan Demme of "My McCain Blog" it was re posted here with presumed permission of the Draft Sarah Plain for VP Blog site.)

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