Monday, September 08, 2008

Manic Monday

It'another "manic monday" here at COP 24/7 and we are back in the saddle bringing you more of what you've been looking for in updates, commentary,updates, links and just plain ole stuff. Are you ready to get this post started? Well, let's go get em....

White Trash in the City: I stopped in for the White Trash Party at Sidetracks, 9.6.08 to check out exactly what trash was blowing through. And they didn't let me down either. The crowd was varied as well as dressed in a assortement of "white trash" attire ranging from overalls to other bizzare outfits that were suppose to nod to the occassion. Club event coordinator, J.D. once again put out a great buffet while serving as the official host. The guys at Sidetracks just keep on bringing it to it's patrons in all forms and fashion. If you missed it then you should'nt have. But never fear, there's always something going on, so check their website, for more info.

OH Harry!: Speaking of faces in the place, I was pleasantly surprise to see local weatherman, Harry Bounds out and about at Sidetracks for the White Trash Party. I had already gotten heads up about Mr. B, while I was in St.Louis in july from a delegate from the Seattle area who gave me the 411 about the dapper weather guy. Unfortunately, I did'nt get a chance to make my way over to greet him due to being distracted by other well wishers in the crowd, but hopefully we will get up close and personal soon. So, from the COP 24/7, welcome to the community!

Shows for U: I trekked over to Backstreet on Sunday for the Raven St. James show and for a moment, thought that it would be a command performance for me and my partner, JCM. The reason being was that there were only two other faces in the place at the time. That time being 10 p.m.! This was way past my bed time, but I thought that I would venture out to see what was kicking and was kicking it on a Sunday night. However, what I found was that not many were kicking it, except the folks whom I'd seen on the north shore earlier in the evening. Ultimately, ther were about 30 people, yes I counted them, in the place at the height of the show. What's up with that? Your guess is good as mine, but it's so sad that the performers put all they have into this for only a few audience members. Kudos's for their hutzpa and desire to perform for who ever may be in the place.

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Anonymous said...

Dear COP 24/7: Was the article on Harry Bonds really necessary? It is difficult enough to function in his career under normal circumstances; must you compound the issue. While one can only speculate at this juncture why he was even there; your article implied that you had somehow gotten the heads up which left readers to speculate what-the-hell did you mean. As a responsible journalist you should not leave that much room for speculation; particularly if that speculation may have serious consequences. Yes, he was out and about, and obviously not too concerned about his whereabouts being reported on the WWW. However, I think it damages your reputation moreso than anything if you really desire to be taken seriously. You kind of smell of a gossip column; is that the scent you intended to manufacture?