Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Here comes that Sound, Again...

Are you wondering what the hell is that sound that I'm talking about it? Well it varies depending upon the situation. It could be the sound of the "blame game" from Capitol Hill, those "I approved this message," tag lines in the political ads, could be the falling of another financial institution or most likely it's the tap, tap tapping of my fingers keeping this forum smack dab in the middle of it all. Those are the sounds that I'm speaking of and that make the cut here. I'm sitting tall in the big chair, continuing to bring you the latest updates, commentary, links, breaking news and video for the GLBTQ community and beyond.

Cash Dash Coup: Gosh Dern it, the cash is still in the till, just for a few days more. All of the Arkansas delegation voted for this untested, sorta defined, ill conceived measure that many on "main street" simply don't understand and are made as hell at those whiz kids on Wall Street. Meanwhile the stock market rolled up not a lucky "777" but rather a unlucky loss of at least a Trillion "on paper" dollars. Houston do we have a problem? Yes, there is a problem and that problem has been founded in fast and loose business dealings trumped with lack of oversight or regulations. What needs to be done? We need a bill that has saber tooth tiger teeth that will not allow any loopholes, penalties for any abuse, spelled out measures to address foreclosures and strict enforcement elements across the board. No monkey business, no way, no how. In our last post I'm encouraging you to action and I'm doing so again. Educate yourself on this matter and state your position. Call your Representative in Congress and your Senators. (click here to find their phone numbers). Feel free to them COP:24/7 sent ya! Remember no matter what happens, breathe, stay calm and believe that it will be alright...

Easy Street/Easy Over: Recently a few Dallas folks with Arkansas ties have been floating inquires about Easy Street and speculating if the joint was now apart of the NK empire. Well, as usual so far there's been no official "comment" or announcement. In case you've not been in the loop, Easy Street has been the subject of much consternation from those many "silent" investors to an array of allegations concerning leases, leverages and losses. Despite it all, life has been a cabaret at the piano bar hosted by Michael Henderson and if a cash infusion is forthcoming, the good times will somehow roll on. Stay tuned....well have it first!!!

Unity Walking: The annual Walk for CommUNITY is a perfect event for those who want to fight bigotry, promote diversity and have fun at the same time! Every year, hundreds of concerned and engaged citizens join together to express appreciation for the diversity offered in central Arkansas. Walkers follow a path, which is just one mile in length, over the Main Street Bridge to North Little Rock and then back to the River Market Pavilions. Following the Walk, we celebrate this diversity with music, refreshments, entertainment and lots of fun!
Funds raised from the Walk will be used to support JCCA's youth and community leadership programs.
The Walk for CommUNITY is a great opportunity for all allies of JCCA to support the work that JCCA does and to showcase their pride in the diversity of the Arkansas community.
If you would like more information about the Walk for CommUNITY or to become a Team Leader or Sponsor of this event, please contact Mallory Jewell, Special Projects Coordinator, at the JCCA office.http://www.arkansasjustcommunities.org/events/unity/

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