Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Two Day Double Take

Can you say busy? Some days it's all I can do to get this forum produced and still run my mini-empire. However to paraphrase the prosperous, "to much that is given, much is expected." Everyday I do my best to give it my all on every front and then some. I'm staying committed to my pledge a few years ago to explore, expand and empower not only myself ,but pass on the blessings that I've encountered thus far. With all that said, this outing is "twofer," as I compress two days worth of coverage into one fast take. So, here we go!....

McCouple Strikes Back: It's a bird, it's a plane, not it's McCouple better known as the maverick duo, John McCain & Sarah Palin. Yes, it seems that Mr. M is sorta using every body's playbook on the campaign trail. His choice of Mrs. P, seems so similar to that other ubber power couple named Clinton. Remember when Former President Clinton seem to infer that if he was elected you get "2 for 1?" Also, the Maverick team has swathed their efforts in "change" clothing all the while sorta towing the Republican mantra of less government and taxes. Oh Joy, has Team Obama began wondering what the hell is going on here? According to recent polls, this whole race to the White House is getting too close for comfort is you ask me. Apparently the Obama folks are not conceding Arkansas to the McCain "win" column after all, by opening their official campaign office Saturday, September 13. Arkansas's Obama for America headquarters will hold its grand opening and everyone is invited. The event begins at 12 noon at 112 W. 7th St., North Little Rock. Unfortunately, in GLBTQ circles I can't detect exactly what's really gong on. I've seen some ugly e-mails being circulated as well as heard a few rainbow folks diss Senator Obama and his historic candidacy. Meanwhile, the count down is on, the race is now a gallop and it's less than 60 days to Election Day. Well, it seems that I've got some more work to do.

The Haters Cometh: As the political world goes into gotcha overdrive, so does those "Christians," from Westboro Baptist church led by Rev. Fred Phelps of Topeka Kansas. They're coming to Little Rock, 9.19.08 & 9.20.08 to locally exercise their constitutional right to assemble. Despite it's distasteful nature and toxicity wrapped in the name of Jesus. According to the website, these rhetoric spewing Americans are responsible for protest at the funerals of Matthew Shepard, Tony Snow, Congresswoman Stephanie Tubbs Jones, PBS's TV famed Mr. Fred Rogers, and the funeral’s of those killed in Iraq. Let's not forget that these are the same folks that believe that 9.1.01 was God mandated. They say God hates America because of its tolerance and support of–in their words–”fags”. All I can say is, "only in America" people. To offset these dastardly peaceful protest, the UALR Gay/ Straight Alliance has announced a Pledge-A-Thon based on the minutes that these proselytizers spend on the stump. For more info or to offer a pledge, click it to: Even though this is a novel idea, I pondered why this organization didn't coalesce with other "local" community groups that may need a cash infusion. After all such groups as CAR or ASD surely could use more donations for the work that they pursue on a local level. Hmmmm, something to think about, don't ya think?

Noah's Arc Lands: Cyberspace is buzzing with anticipation about the proposed October release date of Noah's Arc: Jumpin the Broom movie. It's the wrap up of the wildly and affectionately embraced TV show of the same name on LOGO. The show was canceled but it lives on in various DVD collections. I got a chance to see the actual show on LOGO before it's demise and later revisited it courtesy of Netflix's on DVD. In case you've been living in Queer As Folk land and not hip to this show, it's about the life and love's of Noah, as portrayed by Daryl Stephens. As an L.A. screenwriter and his colorful cast of friends and circumstances. As far as the movie, there's much "spin" out there and various sites are listing tentative release dates. Yet I can't determine who will be distributing this product and I assume that only the major makets will be choosen first. I discovered that there's suppose to be a "soundtrack" that's been cut, which is also being release simultaneously to the movie. Now for the $64,000 questions. Will it play in Little Rock? Well, only if there's a market demand and a theatre willing to take the plunge. If this happens, maybe, just maybe the Market Cinema might be the taker. What do we do to get some momentum for this product? You can start here, by letting us know that Central Arkansas has a firm fan base for Noah's Arc. O.K. I've spoken, and I'm waiting on your voices to make the next move. I'm ready, are you? Make it known in the comment section TODAY!

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Haven't seen Noahs Arc but I will check it out now. Thanks for the word.