Friday, September 05, 2008

Oh say can you see Friday!!

TGIF! Thank God it's Friday and it's stop raining for God's sake! Here we are soaked to the bone, but with power thank you and we're getting ready for another weekend. Whew, is it all too much or what? I hope that everyone stayed dry or at least drying out from the deluge of Gustav's fury. Today is a two monitor day for me. A two monitor day you ask? Yes, that's when COP: 24/7 is in overdrive with both desk top and laptop blazing with updates and around 100 E-blast to catch up on. While the power was doing it's thing, I kept trying to do that thing that I do, but often had to shut down to recharge. It's was challenging to say the least, and damn it, just like McCain said last evening, "Americans just don't give up..." Yeah buddy, and I'm in that mindset with no doubts. Are you with me..I certainly hope so. Because we are Arkansas' only daily online blog for Arkansas GLBTQ community and beyond!

Krogering in the Theatre: I recently got an e-blurb concerning the current show Southern Baptist Sisses, currently playing at the Weekend Theater. I've heard that it's great and I hope to catch it before it's last performance, 9.6.08. But just in case you miss it, the groups website has several ways you can still support the organization. I found this interesting due to the fact that I'm always talking about "doing things outside of the box." Especially the local GLBTQ groups that are in need of fresh ideas to fund their future projects and such. Therefore, If you are so inclined, you can help The Weekend Theater year round by purchasing a Kroger Gift Card and then using it when you purchase your groceries at Kroger. Of course, I'm always using their in-house Kroger Card for purchases that yield points to get a gas discount. Here's how it works. 1. Purchase a $5.00 Kroger Gift Card from The Weekend Theater for $5.00. There is already $5.00 preloaded on the card to spend so the card costs you nothing! Each gift card is specifically coded for The Weekend Theater. 2. Visit the Customer Service desk to reload your card prior to shopping. 3. Use your card every time you shop at Kroger to pay for groceries, prescriptions, and at Kroger gas stations by using your card like a credit/debit card. Your receipt at checkout will show you the balance on your card.4. For every dollar loaded onto your card, The Weekend Theater receives 5% from Kroger! You may purchase the card the next time you're at the theater (ask at the intermission bar) or by sending $5.00 check or money order made out to 'The Weekend Theater' to: The Weekend Theater PO Box 251130 Little Rock, AR 72225 Include your name and mailing address and we will send your card to start using. Thanks for supporting The Weekend Theater!

Zia Bear Cash Dash: The Diamond State Bear's will be hosting a fundraiser, September 20 for Zia D'Yor in his quest to represent Arkansas at the Miss Gay America contest in St.Louis next month. The DSRA clubhouse is the venue for the evening featuring a variety of entertainers including live performances and "male"performers. ( what this means, I'm not sure.) If you need more, you can catch Zia at the Spa cities Jesters, 9.13.08 for another outing of entertainment. As I've mentioned before, being an spotlight entertainer is not cheap. But I do wonder if Camp Zia did a fundraiser while in attendance at this years' Southern Decadence in New Orleans. Seems like to me that would've been a perfect place to gather some Benjamin's for this crown pursuit while enjoying the usual debauchery and everything goes atmosphere. Afterall, I guess you've got to get this all under your belt, before anyone starts questioning your integrity or moral fiber. For more info on this or upcoming activites, click it to:

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