Thursday, September 04, 2008

Twisting and Turning in the Big Chair

And They're Off: The Grand Old Party shifted gears last evening, doing a Texas two step as Gustav continued to swirled inland dumping sheets of rain and wind on the mid-south and beyond. Earlier in the week President Bush didn't let party go on without the Commander in Chief, checking in via satellite with his Mc Cain salvo of praise and confidence. I thought to myself, ain't American political grandstanding something to be hold. During the heat of battle, you can Swift boat, character crash, Dumpster dive, or just plain old misrepresent what the other guy represents to win, then claim that it's just part of the game. In other words, "I didn't really mean all those things I said about you, but I was just trying to win this damn thing." Gosh dern, what a country! I realize that both conventions are "party productions" with most of it pre-scripted and pre-packaged, and at times pre-determined. But I survived it! Including the droning on of former presidential candidate Fred Thompson which was better than any sleeping pill. Why were these folks so excited about his possibility of being their nominee. Yet the main attractions under this big tent lapapalooza in the twin cities, was John McCain walking in the spotlight to deliver his "change" is coming speech. Excuse me, Mr. Maverick did you say "Change." I thought that was the mantra of that other team. Meanwhile it's all said and done in a balloon drop. If you've been watching this weeks coverage, what your take on this mash up? Let us know in the comment section!

Obama on the Brain: Here's a fist bump to Democratic nominee Obama for staying above the fray as well as keepin his attack team back off of Gov. Palin's internal family drama. Let's not forget that he's always felt that wives and children should be left in the afterglow and out of the hot white light of big time politics. Like Nelly says' "it's getting hot in here...," and how! Since the announcement of Gov. Palin as the VP on the McCain ticket, I've heard everything being said about this women, from "is this a Harriet Myers debacle in the making, Mrs. Bush, Laura not Barbara, throwing out the sexism card to other bloodhounds parsing and trolling Mrs. P on any and every levels that's possible. She may have been a barracuda basket ball player, beauty pageant contestant, sports journalist or other incarnations but taking this step in to the blood sport of national politics will require a Viking breast plate and your best horn helmet. I imagine that Team Obama is wondering how's all this family drama is going to play in Peoria. Not to mention the those upcoming VP debates with it's gun slinging and possible loose cannon VP, Sen. Joe Biden waiting in the wings. Well now, are we ready for the games to begin. You betcha, because things are about to get real interesting. Ladies and Gentlemen it's 60 days and counting. Are you ready to vote!

In Survivor Mode: The lights finally came back on late Thursday evening. Do we ever wonder how did those home on the range survived without their local power company. Kudos and much love to all those power crews who were out their in the elements trying to make sure that we returned to the comfort zones that we've all become accustomed too. Yet, while I was powerless to the kilowatt god, I found time to thank the supreme being for my health, life, as well as, the many daily blessings surrounding me daily. Also, I reflected upon the plight of many in the world who are not or sometimes have never been as fortunate as myself. I'm pledging to do a random act of kindness and I encourage all of you to take stock of your circumstances and act accordingly.

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