Wednesday, September 24, 2008

All Hands on Deck Wednesday!

It's all hands on Deck! They're at it again, our illustrious U.S. leadership is winding up to throw us a pitch that just may be a wild one. Golly Gee's it takes me at a minimum of two days to make small decisions, not to mention a major one involving taking the Federal deficit in the Trillion sphere! Meanwhile, as we wait and watch these jokers at work, this forum will continue to keep it real and of course, On Point!...

SDC "O" Pride: Arkansas' Stonewall Democrats announces their Obama Pride in Arkansas meeting, 9.25.08, DP HQ, 1300 W. Capitol in downtown Little Rock. The evening will feature guest speakers: State Representative (and SDC-Ark founder) Kathy Webb(pictured); Arkansas for Obama Field Director, Kyle Simon; and joining us via conference call, National Obama Pride co-chair (and Stonewall of Dallas President) Jesse Garcia. Together we can make a difference, so bring your friends and find out how we can help put a true ally of our community in the White House. If you can make it, then do so. If not, don't forget their are volunteer opportunities at the Obama HQ. What are you doing this election season? Tell us how you are showing your support for your candidate by submitting a comment, pictures, video, podcast or op-ed. Let's talk!

Saturday Night Straps: What's a "Leather Hobba?" Don't have a clue? Then, if you want to know, you'll have to trek to the northside and join the Sidetrack family for their 4th Saturday Leather Night in the Loft Bar. This evening is being billed that the leather community will be taking charge of the atmosphere along with demonstrations. What kind of demo's you ask? Well, let's just say I've seen some fascinating Master & Servant demo's "other places." However, you'll just have to take the plunge for yourself to find out what the local set is up too. It's all going down starting around 9 p.m. Tell em The C.O.P sent ya...!

Rodeo Rockin 09: Believe it or not, 2008 is just about history( and how!) and soon it'll be 2009. The year DSRA continues it tradition of Rodeoing in the Rock. Miss DSRA, Diamond Rose will host another benefit night 9.26.08 at the Hoffman street clubhouse. Doors open early and show time is 9 p.m. If you haven't visited in a while, do so, because you'll want to come back real soon!

Say it Ain't So!: As the globe seems to about to tilt off it's axis with the Cash Crash of 08, comes the "shocking "news and I do mean Casablanca shocking news that Clay Aiken is what...Gay! It's so anti climatic that I gave it, a "nawwww, say it aint so." I guess this matter just had to be handled since he's on the cover of People magazine with his son, Parker Foster and talking openly about his life and his baby mama drama. For those in the know, allegedly his kid was medically conceived by his 50 year best friend. Now what's that all about? I've never been a Aiken admirer or fan, but didn't Mr. A realize that he had busted off the "gaydar" years' ago? Furthermore, why didn't he call up Lance Bass and get some advice about this down low maneuver he was trying to pull. All in all, congrats to Clay for doing it his way, the birth of his son and what will befall him as he pursues his career. I don't think any of his adorning twinks or tweens will abandon him at all. Most likely they will just want to go shopping with him instead. Hey Clay, let's do lunch the next time you're in Little Rock, I know all the hot restaurants that have baby changing stations. Call me...O.K.!

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