Monday, September 15, 2008

Let's do it Again, Monday!

Boy, another Monday in September is upon me and I'm just giddy enough to do what I do best and get back in the saddle out in cyberspace. Ladies and Gentlemen, It's another COP; 24/7 coming to you with our special brand of everything and more. Therefore, are you ready, if so then brace yourselves because here I come....

The Big Count Down: Can you believe it? Yesiree, there are only about 50 days until the "change" showdown at the polls. I certainly hope by now that most of you have already registered to vote. If not, time is of the essence and your nearest phone can help get you ready to cast the most important ballot of your life time. I challenge all of you to at least register one person for this years election cycle. You can do it by phone at 1.866. MY -VOTE -1 or The data on people not registered to vote is just mind boggling to me, not to mention the simple questions of, WHY are you not registered!? Let me be very clear people. This is a very important election cycle and every vote counts, and I do mean every simple one. Let's get busy, you get busy and let's register anyone and everyone TODAY!

OH! Harry, revisited: Last week in my minor posting about the White Trash party at Sidetracks, I mentioned seeing Mr. Harry Bounds among the revelers during the event. Subsequently, I have been called on the carpet by "Anonymous" whom seemed miffed with the tone of that post and inferred that I explain myself. Of course, I'm always happy to oblige readers, whether subscribers or those who I happen to touch upon their nerve endings. For the record, their response was posted and you can read that for your selves. But in the meantime, let's get a few things straight. I'm always intrigued by those who want to comment and shoot from the hip in the name of " Anonymous." In this forum, I'm front and center about it's content and our intentions. If Party "A" wants to call me out, then gird your loins and step to the plate with your name. In their response, they cited was the mention "necessary" and quipped that somehow my post was intrusive or perhaps a door stop of some sort to his career track. I deemed that post necessary since I state that I cover the "GLBTQ community and beyond," there's no malice intended. Especially since the venue is a "public" place and Mr. B is after all a public figure by choice. As for the 411 that I mentioned, this was the result of a casual conversation from an individual who was familiar with him, his work and his community efforts elsewhere. There was no scuttlebutt or mean spiritedness divulged or requested from me, nor did I go trolling for any other info about the subject. Furthermore, Party A accuse me of being negligent by opening a doorway to some type of speculation. I re-read that post in search of that speculation, only determining that I said his "face was in the place". I didn't mention who he was with, who he was wearing, drinking or any other behavior for that matter. Perhaps Party A's mindset dwells in a speculative zone, but the whole world speculates, whether good or bad, about everything for goodness sake. This forum has mentioned a variety of individuals seen at events, including KTHV's Anne Jansen at an AIDS Walk event, local personality/writer David Bazzel at Easy Street, Rep. Kathy Webb at Soup Sunday or my own "face in the place" at an AIDS Foundation event which was covered by local news mag, Soriee, which may have or may not have cause some type of speculation. To close this point, recently I suffered from a degenerative condition that was well known in the community. However, many and I do mean many, openly "speculated" that I wouldn't recover and were ready to write my obituary. I'm well aware of the "comfort zones" from which some must exist, however, this forum strives to meet the pillars of our mission statement, "to empower, inform and entertain." Ultimately, If Mr. B was bothered by my post, then certainly he should be able to speak for himself. I know the "off the record" routine very well. Finally, if Anonymous is into the "scratch and sniff" mentality, then the fragrance that emits from here at COP:24/7, is all about "keeping it real and staying on point."

Money A Go - Go: I'm not sure if this can be considered a "black Monday," but it's not pretty out there when financial stalwarts are falling like redwoods. I'm not a money genius, but I do tune in to Jim Cramer's Mad Money show when I need another jolt about my own money management or that other Mother load of info, Suzi Orman. Also, I love getting those calls from my own Edward Jones broker whom feels that perhaps I need some reassurance about the markets or my investment portfolio. But, I'm usually not sweating any bullets, just concerned that those "smarty pants" folks who run the AIG's , Merrill Lynch's or Fannie Mae's are not so smart after all. Just exactly how many bad loans does an institution have to make before they realize that some one's not doing their job? I did pass basic math and if you only bring home $1500.00 a month and the mortgage is a $2500 ARM loan, then most likely there's going to be problems somewhere down the road, ya think? Now every one's acting like those exotic products were going to pay off from individuals who now can't pay, meanwhile company execs got out the "golden" parachutes bailing out with backpacks of cash. Off sheet balance books, Sub prime bundling, re-packaging loans, government shore-ups and the many fancy new fangled ways to stay solvent are just mind numbing. Haven't I seen this movie before called the S & L Debacle last century? Excuse me while I take a BC power and come back strong....

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