Monday, October 20, 2008

October Surpries

It's 15 days and counting, until the national showdown for the next leader of the free world. Are you ready? I hope so, because every vote, and I mean every vote will be needed to snatch back the government from the Bush nightmare of the last eight years. Early voting started today and I'm encouraging every one of you to get out and take someone with you to take a stand in electing our next president! Below is some voter info for your quick usage. Remember, I'm counting on you to do your civic duty. GO VOTE!

VOTE 101: The Arkansas Secretary of State has one of the ultimate one stop shop vote information portals. Access it at Here you can find ballot info, polling places and so much more. If you need the vote hook up, then start here!

Candidate Info, Please: Do you need to know more about your candidate, if you've haven't already heard. You can get more at Don't believe the hype, get educated on where they stand on the issues.

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