Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Waiting to Exhale...2008

Are you holding your breathe with all that's going on in the world? Well are you? Probably not, but some people are it's not pretty. For the last two weeks there's been all kinds of shigity going on all over the place. Financial meltdowns, emergency economic send ups, banks tiliting out, and the bloodbath known as Presidential politics is screeching to the ballot box. Meanwhile, retailers are decking the halls with Christmas decor. Whew, there are less than a 100 days left in 2008 and boy are we ready to turn the page. But until then, we will stay in the big chair doing that thing that we do. Let's go get em...

Battlestar Politica: Great Scott Captain, I've given ya all she's got! That's probably what McCain insiders are saying at this very moment as the Senator's Presidential bid seems to be teetering out of control. After those debates, including the last one where McCain wandered around the set in search of something or another but not quite finding it. Ultimately, the McCain/Palin ticket has become a comedy of errors wrapped in a McNasty wrapper. I said in earlier post that this exercise would get testy. But I was a taken aback a bit with reports of some McCain crowds spewing hate tinged rhetoric such as "bomb Obama," with others stating that they are afraid of a Obama presidency and then those animated McCain supporters who chant "terrorist." All of this, as if Mr. Obama was going to emerge from a Borg cube to assimilate the nation using his Cylon drones. Meanwhile, McCain spokespeople have stated that they can't control the speech of some nuts who attend those rallys. Oh really now? Today the Big Mac is in reset mode while alerting his base that "we've got them where we want them!" Let's be clear my readers, there have been historical comebacks in the name of Truman, Nixon, and Reagan. I'm not waiting for my D.C. invite until hopefully the last vote has been counted. Therefore, stop the madness and let's forget the diversion theatre BS. What about the issues such as immigration, trade policies, monetary dilemmas, failing education system, infrastructure, health care and so many other important factors that should be the driving a force in electing the best candidate. O.K. I'm holding my breathe, sorta. Don't forget that early voting starts October 20 at area locations. Stay tune to this forum for links and updates. You can't afford not to....

The POWER of TEN: Remember how we all are suppose to be connected by the factor of Six Degrees? You don't? Even if you don't get it, the "six degree" theory allegedly could connect us through our various associations and interactions with others. With that in mind, Arkansas' Team Obama has issued the call for the "power of Ten." I heard it and I'm heeding the call.
In lieu of Hillary Clinton's visit to the state on 10.10.08, the DPA is asking citizens to empower 10 means to help support the candidate. In the video that was posted, you can hear various individuals stating what ten things they will do for the campaign. I thought to myself, interesting concept and what could I do to get on board. So, here's what me and my LTC will take on.

1. We plan to do 10 blog post about the campaign.
2. We will encourage my readers to donate Ten dollars.
3. We will offer to do Ten deliveries of campaign materials.
4. We will outreach to Ten people via e-mail or phone call.
5. We will take our dog on an Ten lap Walk for Obama.
6. We will pray Ten minutes a day for the campaign.
7. We will persuade Ten people to Early vote starting Oct. 20!
8 We will update our selves on Ten Obama position papers.
9. We will talk to Ten uncommitted voters for Obama.
10. We will spend at least Ten minutes a day until Nov. 4th on everything Obama!

Fightin for the Children: We all are aware of the national political throw down, but there's plenty stuff going on around the state that needs mentioning. Such as Act 1 concerning that power play from the Family Council. From an e-blast I got came this message:

Dear Arkansas Families First supporter,

Last week, members of the Arkansas Families First coalition spoke out at a DHS hearing in Little Rock. The hearing, at which AFF supporters outnumbered the opposition 10:1, was held to solicit public commentary on whether or not DHS should allow unmarried couples to foster children. Arkansas Families First supporters spoke passionately about the need to make decisions on a case-by-case basis.

Please watch the video now. Then, click to forward it to your friends and family.

If Initiated Act 1 were to pass, it would ban unmarried couples from both fostering and adopting children! It would ban private adoptions by unmarried couples as well as public adoptions. It would ban adoptions by family members who were living with an unmarried partner. So many speakers, including representatives from Arkansas Advocates for Children and Families, Arkansas Psychological Association, and Arkansas Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics, said the exact same thing: children in Arkansas need more homes, not fewer homes.

Watch it now and then spread the message:

Please forward this email to your friends and family -- everyone in Arkansas needs to know about the threat Act 1 poses to Arkansas children!

Crown News: It's all over and the winner is Victoria Depaula, Miss Gay America 2009. Depaula representing the D. C. prelim beat out a field of 48 to capture the title. Hat's off to Stephanie Richards, Miss Gay Arkansas and Zia D'Yor, 1st alternate as the state delegation. Due to copyright's and other intellectual technical stuff, you'll have to go to the MGA website for a peek at the new queen or you can google Ms. Depaula for more info. Believe me, the web is full of coverage of all things drag and everybody is claiming their rights to everything. As I trolled a bit, I found all kinds of sites and commentary from all angles. Ranging from kudos to haters ( apparently Makalia Kay, MGA 2008 had quite a few) that didn't mind sharing their two cents on what's going on in the rough, tough and seemingly awfully bitter sorority world of pageantry. Welcome home guys, you are both winners for surviving it!

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