Wednesday, October 15, 2008

From the Big Chair and Thensome....

Breaking the Piggy Bank: It's a done deal or is it? The House of Representatives voted to let those Wall Street knuckle heads and other so called Master Whizzes of the Universe at the trough with that Economic Bail Out mash up. But hold the presses, this quagmire which started as a one page read but ballooned to a 300 plus page behmonth, which I doubt any of them even read, ended up a sorta quasi-gift that keeps on giving. Ladies and Gentlemen, the price tag so far is 810 billion smackers which is fueling a federal deficit that's well on it's way to topping the Trillion dollar mark. Not counting the recent additional 37 Billion or so given to AIG whom decided that the 85 Billion sent wasn't quite enough, all the while retreating at a posh spa on the Tax payer doll. The tab for that excursion only $420,000.00 dollars skimmed from the bailout cash out is just jaw dropping. Excuse me, wizards, I've attended business meetings over coffee and doughnuts in a donated room, at the public library, and department store community rooms. For goodness sake, what the hell is this all about. Where's the comprehensive Business Plan for this bailout mess? Isn't that what you're suppose to have on hand when charting your future? Does anyone know exactly what we are paying for, how much is it really and who's minding the store? Is anyone getting fired up?

COP Phones for O: In my last post, I mentioned that I was heeding the call to the Power of Ten for the Obama Campaign. I wasn't just spouting off, so I will be dialing for the boucing O come this weekend at the "O" HQ on the north shore. I met with a volunteer coordinator earlier this week as well as an e-blast from a national coordinator asking if I'd be interested in calling locals and those in neighboring states about early voting. In Arkansas early voting begans October 20. Contact your county court house for locations and I will be posting polling places shortly. Remember, every vote counts, but so does all the volunteer hours you can spare. If you want to do some phone work, the Obama website offers info and online training on how to do so right from your home. Here's a link:

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