Thursday, October 23, 2008

Up the Periscope, please...

It's right around the bend. We are less than two weeks out from that all important election date of Nov. 4, 2008 and I'm on dispatch with the periscope going up on what's really going on in Central City and beyond. All this week, it's been a lightning round in this forum, as I've tried to put it all on the table and then some. So, let's not tarry but rather jump to it!

Fundraising A-Go-Go: The Arkansas Aids Foundation Thanksgiving Show, 11.9.08, will feature Stephanie Richards, Miss Gay Arkansas America 2008 and AFF board member, Brian Cook as "Cherity." The show is being billed as "Showstoppers," and all entertainers are welcomed to help raise funds for the organizations Annual Client Holiday Banquet. It's happening at BackStreet, 1021 Jessie Rd. Little Rock, AR. (501)562-4466. As a news hound, my interest was piqued by this news byte. I'm always struck that these efforts rely on "shows" as there jump start income source, instead demonstrating foresight, creativity and resourcefulness by canvassing other money touchstones. What exactly do I mean you ask? Thanks for asking. Despite some corporate recoil in giving, there are still many corporate citizens that are willing to make significant donations toward events of this type. Especially, as I've preached to deaf ears before, that with the event packaged professionally and presented in detail is a no brains winner. No credible donor is going to donate too some thrown together concept gussied as an attempt to help it's stakeholders. Furthermore, get this, I surfed over to that fancy new AAF website and found no info on this event. Excuse me? I realize that I'm the only daily updating GLBTQ source, but this appeal should certainly be "front and center" on their own mouth piece don't ya think? O.K. here's my closing two cents. Where's the plan, Stan? If you need food, have you contacted perhaps Tysons, US Foods, Kroger or local GLBTQ restaurateurs? Need a venue? How about asking one of the Mega Churches for use of their Fellowship Hall or a low cost City owned community center? Want it more upscale, perhaps a "Gold circle" of supporters from your own Board of Directors could be handy. In case you didn't know, this is a vital and essential function of Board members. Get those folks busy, now! Certainly men in dresses are formidable fundraisers, but men in suits could take it to the next level. Get out of the box people!

World AIDS Day : The 4th Annual HIV Prevention and Awareness Conference utilizing the theme: Building Community Coalitions to Fight HIV/AIDS will be held December 1, 2008. The conference will coincide with the commemoration of World AIDS Day on the UAPB campus with featured Keynoter, Dr. Jocelyn Elders and sponsored by Future Builders, Inc., Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity and the ADH/AIDS/STD Department. To date workshop details have not been released but counseling and testing has been confirmed. Stay locked to this forum for more info as they become available.The 1st of December, World AIDS Day, is the day when individuals and organisations from around the world come together to bring attention to the global AIDS epidemic. 2008 marks the 20th anniversary of World AIDS Day. The World theme is Stop AIDS; Keep the Promise - Leadership. This forum will have a complete week of AIDS related stories in December.

Crowns Revisited: I must further congratulate Miss. S. Richards (a.ka. Todd S.) on his representing the state in the MGA contest in the STL. I've learned that Richards was a Top 20 contender as well as winner of his "solo talent" category. Hat's off to you guy and best wishes on your reign in the royalty seat. As the year come to a close, don't forget that pageant season will be ready to roll again in early 2009. Will it be the usual suspects or a new crop of contenders, stay tuned?

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HI Cornelius; I will check, but I think the conference will be held on the campus of UALR.

Willie - ARCPG