Friday, October 31, 2008

Are You scared enough!?

It's All Hallows Eve, better known as Halloween. It's that time of the year when all things surreal, unexplained and down right spooky start roaming around. And boy has it's been some scary crap ebbing and flowing through Terra fir ma. Yet, we go on in search of what's really going on in Central City and beyond. So, here's your trick or treat edition of COP:24/7.....

Bar BOO's: As usual the local haunts will be in full swing with contest and carrying on for costumed revelers and those not so inclined. You've got plenty of choices to fill your dance card. Of course, the Backstreet/Discovery complex will be in full affect as well as UBU, Easy Street and on the north shore, Sidetracks' Annastaia Ball. Times vary but you can bet that it will truly be a Queens Christmas. Check out our links to those websites for direct info on all the happenings.

Night Birds back in Flight: Finally, they're back, The original ladies of the night, Labelle regrouped and in sync with a new CD entitled, Back to Now, plus a possible tour. It's been 30 years in statis forthe funk soul group who broke it up with costuming and sound. I've seen Miss Patti in concert here in Little Rock which is a treat all by itself, but can you imagine the lung power of Sarah Dash and Nona Hendrix in the mix. Even after the group moved on to solo projects, I still loved them individually. I still listen to many of those songs to this day. They resonate what I felt then and give me that same sensation now. I've included a video clip of the groups timeless hit Lady Marmalade featuring all that wonderful madness from the 70's. I've heard some of the recording which has five songs penned by Hendrix and other tracks produced by Lenny Kravitz, Wyclef J. and the legendary Gamble/Huff team. Is their magic, you bet ya. The CD dropped earlier this month and I hope that it gets it just desserts. The group LaBelle needs to get their flowers for being true Diva forces of nature.

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